8 Growth Tricks That Will Help You Kickstart Your Online Business

• written by Krist Duro
8 Growth Tricks That Will Help You Kickstart Your Online Business

There are many things that you can do to make your online business better, but you must be open-minded. You could start a website that does a number of things for the customer, but you cannot create a thriving business without a plan. Look through the eight tips listed below that will change the way you manage your site, and you could grow much faster if you have made changes that focus on profits.


  1. Make Your Staff Happy

You cannot run an e-commerce site on your own. You must hire people who want to work on a site like yours, and you could try team-building exercises that bring everyone closer together. You might try a game show for team building, or you could create little contests that are of interest to your staff. You can also take help from the professional corporate game show organizers who help you carry out such activities at your physical premise.They will be excited to increase their numbers for a prize, and you should start a gift exchange around the holidays to get everyone involved.


  1. Focus On The Customer

You must focus on the customer with website personalization and other things that make them feel a part of the site. Allow your customers to change their background, change their profile picture, and choose their search parameters. Let your customers tell the site the things they are most interested in, give them better recommendations, and lower prices. You must be willing to take customer requests, and you will find that customer comments often tell you which products you should keep or stock.


  1. Stock More Products

You must stock more products to give your customers better options. Customers will associate your business with a place that has a good selection if the catalogue is large, and they often recommend you to their friends when they realize how much you carry. You must decide how many products is too many, but you will find that you often get requests from customers when they believe that you care about what they want.


  1. Offer A Better Contact Page and Website

You must use a much better contact page to reach your customers. They need a place where they can easily send you messages, and they must feel as though they have a way of reaching you if they have any problems. There are contact pages that could include a live chat window, and there are pages that provide an email form. You might want to give them your phone number, and it all depends on what you think would be the best to reach your business. The live chat window is almost an essential in the modern day. It is something that you must have staffed at all hours of the day, and you must send prompt responses if you are out of the office.

Also make sure to design a website that is crisp and attractive, colour psychology also works when a customer is making his/her purchase decision. Take an example of Hansel’s web pages and make sure you provide the website personalization as desired by your audience niche.


  1. Lower Prices

You must have slightly lower prices than your competitors because they will take all your business if you are new. You will find that you cannot sell anything if you do not have a clearance section, and you must have a full clearance section that people will come back to every day. The low prices that you guarantee your customers will keep them coming back, and they will start to recommend you to their friends and family because of the prices alone. You might offer special sale days when the prices are lower than normal, and you could use online contests to cut prices more.


  1. Use Social Media

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You must use social media to market your business in every channel that you can find. You must use every social media platform to speak to a different audience, and you will find that every platform could have its own contests. You might want to hire someone to run your social media, and they should be the life of the party. These platforms are easy for people to follow, and they could all link to your website every chance you get. You might start with Facebook, but you could branch out to places like Twitter or Tumblr easily. Social media is supposed to be fun, and it is a place where you can share your videos like commercials, be personable, and speak to customers directly.


  1. Use Contests To Engage Customers

Contests are the best ways to get customers interested. They are all excited to win something, and they are more likely to shop with your company if they have won something. Contests make your business look human, and the contests could go on every week. Invite your customers to be more engaged with the site, and watch how many more people make impulse purchases while checking out the contests. This is a little thing, but it goes a long way to create loyal customers who always check on you.


  1. Create An Expert Profile

You must create an expert profile for your business. Your customers must believe that you are the experts in your field, and they must have a reason to believe that what you say is gospel. You could begin writing articles on your site that give the best explanations for a number of situations where your services and products are useful. You must offer your customers information that could help them in their daily lives, and you will find that many customers come back to the site to reference the expert articles you wrote. Have your best employee write your articles, and let them become the face of your educational pursuits.


There are many businesses that will grow every year using these simple tips because they create an image for the company that people relate to. There are several ways that you could lower prices, personalize the site, and make it easier for customers to find what they need. You must educate your customers, and you must provide them with a site that is easy to reach. Companies that are hard to reach are not fun to shop with, but anyone who needs customer service will come to you first because they trust your site. Every little step makes your business that much more profitable.

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