8 Underutilized E-commerce Marketing Hacks

• written by Krist Duro
8 Underutilized E-commerce Marketing Hacks

E-commerce is very powerful for businesses as it’s capable of doing a lot of heavy work for the business without investing too much in the workforce. It is one of the most advanced technological advantages that you can get nowadays if you need to boost the sales of your business for it can also reach your market towards a wider scale because through the internet. The pool of buyers that you will receive from e-commerce are mostly ready to purchase your store, providing you more instant sales than those passing by at a mall’s outlet or store.

These online stores exist for them to pick a choice regarding brands so then the buyer can ultimately decide which product to buy, rather than “what” product to buy. But if you’re on the merchant-side of e-commerce, you have to learn what are the best marketing hacks to boost your sales and reputation. Note that these aren’t common tips such as “building a brand” or being “engaging to customers”. This time, you are going to learn tips that were underestimated by the market for their methodology, but are proven to be powerful in boosting sales. The sms marketing is also proven to be effective as people have their phone with them all the time. In addition, if you need a more innovative way to boost your sales, you might want to visit sites like https://www.challengerinc.com/sales-transformation/ for more info. These marketing hacks will cause a good press of the purchase button for your customers. So without further ado, here are the following tips:

Observe and Improve Your Listings’ Titles

The title of your product listing is one of the key components that buyers often view as they browse through your product within the online store. Most online stores may advise you to provide a short product title, but remember that they often have around 250 characters as its product title limit when you type in. That means there’s a lot of details and keywords that you can add, and these won’t affect you negatively.

The help of a longer product title can increase your product rank as people will think that you’re selling a product that’s more functional or has more features than your competitors. That’s why aside from the brand and product name, be sure to add up any unique features such as the distinguishing colour of your product, its unique size or an extra feature that most competitors don’t have. A good example of an attractive product title would be this: “Deluxe Coffee Maker Master With 20 settings and Jet-Powered Burr Grinder, Black and Red”.

Images Matter A Lot

Another extremely important part of an online store’s product age are the images which talk about the product. Images are typically the main reason why some buyers click on your product page upon first seeing it. After all, everyone will first think what your product looks like if your product page has no pictures, and they might look for an imaged product page instead of clicking to your link. Keep uniformity in your product display, keep it neat, crisp and as per your brand’s theme. Such image arrangements provide an appealing presence, and in most cases, visitors buy what please to their eyes! A great example of beautifully arranged images can be seen in Rodan and Fields’ acne skin care regimen page.

You need to put all efforts in adding the product images. That’s right, you need to provide more than just one image on the page, but never use it to fill up areas with no image. Never settle for mediocre photos as it will ruin the credibility of your product as buyers are looking for a professional-looking proof such as a high-quality image. It’s also best to place the main product image that has a white background only, but you can use different types of photos for the secondary promotional images.

You should also have a product image captured from different angles such as from the top or side, add a product image where it’s being used, images with zoomed-in areas to show its features, and some informational images. Additionally, you can get your product image from the official manufacturer’s home page, do an online search, or you can capture the photo by yourself. If you’re going to sell on a third-party online store such as Amazon, you need to understand that they have requirements for posting product images. So be sure to read them first before proceeding.

Video Marketing Is Also Important

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

Video marketing is not a good booster for your sales anymore; buyers see it as a requirement nowadays. People are just too fond of videos because it’s more detailed than images especially when learning about a product that they want to purchase. Both SMEs and large companies prefer to have videos on their online store pages and websites because it’s low-cost and provides excellent quality descriptions in an informative or entertaining way to help you in developing your BigCommerce store.

But this would mean confidence over the natural delivery of your video. If you feel like you’re shy at facing the camera, then hire others to get the explanation done to you, then do a little bit of explanation at a certain part or the end of the video. There are unlimited ways to inform and entertain your buyers with video marketing. Just remember that videos give people a sense of connection when talking about your product because they see another human using or talking about it.

Learn The Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is a term in e-commerce wherein the volume of potential customers lessen as they progress through the purchasing process. To discuss how the purchasing process works and how the funnel filters out the actual buyers, we will place quotations over each step in the process. First of all, most of the customers are present due to “awareness” that your product exists. Over time, it will lessen as some of them might like to check other products or brands than yours. Eventually, those who got “interested” may either retain or lose interest after learning about your product. As a result, those who are fully interested will finally have the “desire” to purchase the product. Lastly, only some of them will never be able to take an “action to purchase” as they might not have the money or time to buy the product. These steps are how the conversion funnel works, with your actual product page being the funnel that filters out those who are willing to buy your product.

That means you have to buy the perfect filter that can completely filter out any unnecessary substances out of the liquid you’re experimenting. In the case of e-commerce, you have to polish your product page and your brand by being more approachable to your customers for most of them to remain in the purchasing process. So that means you have to recognize those customers who may often visit your page. If you want a good start in applying this tip, then provide interesting discounts to those who come often. For sure that would tempt them to buy your product right away.

Social Media Will Always Work Wonders

Social media is a very convenient means to communicate in many ways. Even news sources post regular updates about daily events through social media because they know people hang out there often when they have nothing else to do. But for sure you know that being noisy in just one corner will never make sense as others from far away will never hear you. Your connectivity over social media works similarly, where your efforts in posting too many promotions about your product will never work if your friends’ friends will never be able to reach it.

That’s why you need to encourage your customers to share your brand on social media, aside from making a page that regularly posts about how your product works. Digital marketing needs your product to be visible to your potential buyers, and one way to do it is to let others help your cause. If you haven’t made a high volume of sales yet, you can ask your friends for assistance, so then they can share it. After all, social media is where friends digitally meet.

Longer Keywords Are More Memorable

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

It may be contrary to popular belief that shorter words are easier to remember. However, concerning business, it’s the long details that count the most. Organic search traffic is what you need to focus at this point because if you manage to haul in a good rank at popular search engines, a stream of visitors will come to your page for the months or years to come. Nowadays, competition over search engine ranks is just too impossible to beat due to the more preferred usage of shorter keywords. That’s why you need to compete over the longer keywords instead.

Long-tail keywords are in contrast to the competition because most brand owners typically focus on customers who are typing short words on their search engines. But little do others know that some are good at specifically searching in a way where they type more than three to four words. Combine this with the classic backlinking method, and for sure your product pages will rank higher, and may even affect the rankings of your other short keywords.

Keep On Updating Your Page

One of the major problems about promoting a product online is that some owners tend to leave their product page once it gathers enough amounts of traffic, despite all their efforts in polishing it the first time they wished to gain a high volume of traffic. Remember that leading businesses and large corporations are always looking for new ideas, so then their brand will never get dull over time. The same should also go for small businesses if they wish to become surviving ones in the market. Being less engaging by giving slow to no updates is a huge problem that many SMEs are facing, and is also one of the reasons why some modern businesses close quickly after a few months. Even Facebook and Google never cease to update even if they are consistently being used by millions of people all over the world.

Our world changes every day; the market is not an exception. There’s always that possibility where the businesses may even change all of a sudden in all aspects due to circumstances that you didn’t expect. That’s why people need engaging businesses out there in the first place. As a result, you need to keep on testing for different ways to attract customers if you feel like the traffic is starting to get lower by the day.

A Product Page Is Never A Space For Mediocrity

Lastly, you should never settle for less just because you don’t have the time to do so many things online. Remember that you have a dream to earn a lot using e-commerce. That’s why you have to give a lot of attention over your product page or whatever you’re selling online. Mediocrity is an underrated problem because most think the internet is just a space of open fields where you can type in anything you want without regarding the quality of your listings and posts. However, it works the other way around because your viewers will always make a positive or negative opinion about you once you reveal your products and services to the public, much like the physical means of selling a product. Just remember that if you know how to take care of your social networking profile, then you should do the same for your product pages too!


With these tips in mind, rest assured that you will never have to worry about your weakening traffic anymore. Some of you guys out there may not believe about all of these, but remember that we mentioned the word “underutilized” in the first place because people are forgetting about these tactics. Little do others know that successful online brands nowadays did all of these from scratch. So take these seriously, and for sure your buyers will do the same for you over time.

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