Top 6 Ways to Market Your Hosting Business

Like any other business, web hosting also needs marketing to increase exposure and attract clients to generate revenue. A good marketing plan will give you an edge over your competition, enhance visibility and boost your business.

Social Networks

Social Media is a dynamic place to build your reputation. You can use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to engage with the audience through various social media events that build a loyal fan following. Focusing on platforms where your customers are and engaging them through interaction and simultaneously providing customer support by addressing queries will help in growing your brand.

Social media platforms can also be leveraged by opting for paid advertising campaigns to widen your reach. Make sure that the content on your social media is informative to attract more followers.


Those who need a hosting service will use search engines to find a hosting provider. Hence, you must ensure that your website will be among the first few to be listed on the results page. To achieve that, you can use free tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console to find appropriate keywords to be incorporated in your website.

Forum Contribution

Forums are one of the best places to interact with leads. By being a part of forums you can share expert information. It also gives you an opportunity to respond to people’s queries. This builds a rapport with forum members.

Content Marketing

Search engines rank websites with new and original content higher than the others. Hence, creating new content for your website instead of using the default content that comes with the hosting reseller plug-in makes you stand out from the crowd and improve your ranking.


Sending out monthly email newsletters via any of the newsletter platforms offers your hosting service the much-needed exposure. You can include your special offers, positive reviews and promotional information in your newsletters.

Offline Promotion

While the online marketing platform works wonders, it does not hurt to spread the word about what you do and why companies should choose your reseller hosting service offline as well. Delivering the best hosting services will reward you with referrals and offer word-of-mouth publicity that will boost your business as well as reputation.