Canabalt Review

Run for your life…” ┬ásays it all. The premise is simple. You play as a guy who is running across roof tops attempting to escape from some kind of alien invasion that is constantly taking place in the background scenery. If he even tumbles into a crate or chair, he loses a little speed but keeps going. That speed loss, though, can prove catastrophic when he reaches a gap that is suddenly too wide to cross without adequate velocity.

I played the game in the PS3 and I loved it every moment of it. One button input doesn’t mean the game is easy. Instead it can get very serious extremely fast. There is a lot of things happening in the background. The city scape is on fire, there is a machine that looks like a AT-AT from Star Wars. Also from time to time something like a satellite dish falls from the sky and if it touches you, your screen goes white until you fall to your death.