Infamous: Festival of Blood Review

One of the PS3’s best franchises gets an infusion of fresh blood with the Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC. The standalone add-on changes things up considerably for Cole McGrath, turning the lightning-throwing hero into a bloodsucking vampire.

Infamous’ humorous slant has returned, and the tongue-in-cheek story is entertaining but poorly fleshed out. The story is a fictional one as it’s narrated by Zeke. There is also a Twilight joke pulled by him. He creates this story about Cole forced to revive Bloody Mary. She wakes up and bite Cole, turning him into a vampire. Now he must fight vampires all night and find a weapon that could kill Bloody Mary before sunlight. If he doesn’t kill her before sunlight, he will become her slave…forever.


Canabalt Review

Run for your life…”  says it all. The premise is simple. You play as a guy who is running across roof tops attempting to escape from some kind of alien invasion that is constantly taking place in the background scenery. If he even tumbles into a crate or chair, he loses a little speed but keeps going. That speed loss, though, can prove catastrophic when he reaches a gap that is suddenly too wide to cross without adequate velocity.

I played the game in the PS3 and I loved it every moment of it. One button input doesn’t mean the game is easy. Instead it can get very serious extremely fast. There is a lot of things happening in the background. The city scape is on fire, there is a machine that looks like a AT-AT from Star Wars. Also from time to time something like a satellite dish falls from the sky and if it touches you, your screen goes white until you fall to your death.