Microsoft’s Surface Book: Your New Smart Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Book: Your New Smart Tablet

This is the newest type of laptop in the market. It has a detachable screen that becomes a wide screen thin tablet. It has the best windows ever with many amazing features such as limitless apps, innovations in security and personalisation among many others. You can use this Adobe Software 3 with a pen or a mouse, the pen attaches itself to the screen side in a magnetic way with an eraser like button at the pen that is automatic.


  • It has the ability to change into three different configurations and easily adapt to the way you work
  • It has a full sized black lit keyboard that enable fast drawing and typing. When converted to a tablet you can use a surface pen for typing instead of using your finger tips. You do not have to buy the surface pen since it comes as bonus during purchase of the surface book. The surface pen allows you to digitally write or draw on your device which is faster than typing; you are capable of using it in classroom, church meetings or anywhere at your convenience. When using the device as a laptop you are able to set the screen display at an angle where you can draw easily while having the device on a hard surface
  • It comes with a thin, meticulously designed incredible screen. The screen is about 13.5 inches large enough to avoid straining your eyes
  • Has the ability to keep power for a long time without threat of shutting down after some few hours. This battery last for a minimum of 15 hours of video play back Normal usage such as typing and web browsing gives the devise longer time of battery usage
  • It reliable and great performance through its inbuilt creative workhorseli
  • It has the ability to edit videos through the graphic horse power which has optional discrete graphics chip. You are able to gain profits due to well edited videos as compared to your competitors
  • It has an amazing design with a metallic body and super bright pixel sense screen. In addition it had a shinny windows logo on the top lid. li>
  • It has the largest storage capacity .i.e. over 1 TB ensuring that you can save all your work without worrying that your storage will get filled up

Microsoft’s latest Reviews

  • As featured in the technology news, Microsoft surface book is said to have the ability to deliver all the Microsoft’s promises. It is more powerful than the recent tablet
  • It is a great computer that adapts to any task load with it high saving power mode. Due to its magnetically attached keyboard and a large powerful screen it has the ability to transform a typing tool to a touch based tables. You are able to use a surface pen while typing which reduces pain at the finger tips caused by typing for hours using the key board. This pen is appropriately used when you convert the laptop to a tablet since it enables quick drawing on the web pages and signing documents among others
  • It is said to be well designed and built using the best materials and manufacturing expertise as featured in the technology news. This surface book has taken engineering, manufacturing expertise and materially to a new and higher level as compared to the windows 8.It weighs 1.6 pounds
  • The Microsoft surface book is said to have the best camera also featured in the technology news reflecting the original image with no additional features.
  • This surface book works so comfortably on your laps making it easy to work with anywhere of your comfort such as the bedroom or even in a meeting where you are not provided with tables
  • It has a wobble display screen and widescreen videos and the ability to detach it making is easy for you to watch movies at your comfort ability for a period of long hours without power problems. You can walk all over with the device having turned your device into a power house tablet
  • As featured in the technology news it is so interesting since you can replace your keypad in an opposite direction and use your tablet with the keyboard. This is so amazing since no other tablet or laptop has such enjoyable features


Microsoft’s Surface Book has made it easier for all its users in relation to the ability to save power for a long time. There are season prone to power loss and you have loads of uncompleted assignment but with this new surface book you have to worry no more. The surface pen has made it possible for the individuals with lots of typing work to save their finger tips the pain they experience. You can now use surface pen for typing which is faster hence saving time