Zombotron Review

• written by Krist Duro
Zombotron Review

I played Zombotron on my Mac and I loved every second of it. I loved the beautiful art style and animations, I loved the gameplay and action and most importantly I loved the jankiness of it all.

Zombotron is a side-scrolling physics-based action game. Now, when you have the "physics-based" words in your description, you are bound to some jank and well, Zombotron has jank to offer.

But in Zombotron's case, it's not bad-jank quite the opposite. It makes the game feel unique, unpredictable and quite satisfying. If you look at Zombotron screenshots you get this nostalgic Metal Slug kinda vibe and well when you play it, it also kinda feels like a modern Metal Slug.


Going back to the jank, how your character moves, jumps and shoots feel kinda imprecise, but at the same time kinda satisfying. I know this sounds strange, but that's how it feels when you play it or at least how I feel when I play it. The moment you score that first headshot and see the zombie's head explode, you understand what Zombotron is all about.

Run and gun, that's all you need to know. Yes, it has a story, but I didn't really care about it, mainly because I just wanted to kill stuff but also cause the text was kinda unreadable on Mac's display. But again, in the end, it did not matter. Finding hidden rooms, picking up new guns, grenades and killing enemies was all I cared for and Zombotron more than delivers here.

Enemies will die in a few shots or one perfect headshot, but so will you. Enemies will explode if you throw a grenade or shoot an exploding barrel, but so will you. Enemies will get crushed by falling rocks, crates and bridges, but you won't. Instead, you will probably die from failing a jump and falling down an abyss. When you combine all of the aforementioned with the jank, you are in for an unpredictable and satisfying experience.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

I could talk for hours, but it's better for you to play Zombotron yourself and experience all of this unpredictable jankiness from the simple things like jumping and light puzzling, to shooting and taking down the five or so bosses in the game. Get this game. Thanks for reading!

Zombotron is available on Steam for PC and Mac. Thanks to the publisher for providing a review code.

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