Why You Should Always Take Care of Your Promotional Campaigns?

• written by Krist Duro
Why You Should Always Take Care of Your Promotional Campaigns?

Marketing is the most important part of every business’ success story. It covers a wide variety of advertising, PR and sales activities and it uses promotional campaigns in order to improve company’s revenue, business image or simply get the word out. Your company may offer the best products and services in its industry, but if they are not advertised in the proper way, they won’t attract any consumers. That’s why entrepreneurs need to create and run innovative promotional campaigns from the day one.


Promotional campaigns can’t be conceived without a prior research.  This research should create a perfect customer profile. All campaign messages should be directed towards this imaginary person. Many marketers go very far in describing their perfect customers. Some assign them with names and photos, so they can make the copyrighting and add creation process more personal.

Competition is another important topic, which should be included in the pre-campaign research. Although promotional campaigns need to be original, marketers can borrow certain campaign ideas from their main competitors. They need to improve all borrowed ideas and add their own touch that emphasizes their company’s mission and values. This research should provide marketers with a broad campaign idea and one - or a few - specific consumer groups that will be targeted by the future campaign.


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Each promotional campaign should have clearly specified goals. Goals like ‘increasing sales’ are neither specific nor measurable, so you will need to add some expected figures and completion due dates.

‘Increasing the sales of marketing software for 15% in the next 6 months’

This sounds like a proper campaign goal. It needs to be reassessed every month through a specific table, which should be used for following campaign’s results and goal completion.

Modern promotional campaigns use a wide variety of different media forms and channels to reach their audience. During campaign’s development marketers need to decide which media forms they will choose. These are a few most popular ones: articles, short promotional videos, textual posts and tweets, images, infographics, video tutorials etc.

When it comes to channels most modern marketers rely on digital marketing, which includes: websites, forums, social networks, Google AdWords and other affiliate advertising platforms. Companies can also use guerilla marketing tactics that include leaflet distribution, posters, murals and PR stunts, as well as the wide selection of traditional advertising channels like: TV, newspapers and radio. Of course, channel and media form selection mainly relies on company’s marketing budget.

Campaigns should also include lots of promotional merchandise which can be used for attracting new customers and motivating them to spread the good word. Most companies decide to sell promotional merchandise with campaign slogans, nd give them as a present to people who share campaign slogans, banners and videos on their social media profiles.

Creative part

Content creation is the fun part of campaign development, but it also has a huge influence on its success. Companies with bigger marketing budget hire content creators specialized in different niches. They might hire graphic designers for creating infographics, professional photographs for taking HD photos of their products or promotional events, film directors for shooting short videos and jingles and copywriters for writing promotional articles and campaign slogans.

Small business entrepreneurs in most cases do all these tasks by themselves. Luckily they have a lot of free tools on their disposal, which can help them to create better promotional content and speed up the creation process. These are some of the free tools SME marketers can use:

  1. Piktochart- free web platform for creating infographics;
  2. Blender- is an open source 3D animation tool;
  3. Lightworks- free video editor for creating short videos and jingles.
  4. Hootsuite- free marketing software that enables community managers to schedule their tweets;

Promotional campaigns can create a valuable insight in targeted consumers’ behavior. That’s why marketers should constantly evaluate their campaign’s results. Digital marketing enables us to see every step that consumers make on our websites and social media pages. This gives us an insight in their clicking patterns which we can use to determine which campaign elements draw their attention. Most marketing and social media platforms allow us to conduct A/B testing, which can be used for singling out banners, slogans, photos and videos that achieved the best results. Conducting detailed promotional campaign analysis is another basic marketing activity that will increase the performance of your current and future campaigns.

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