Wearable Gadgets for the Art Lovers

• written by Krist Duro
Wearable Gadgets for the Art Lovers

Art lovers love design, colors and various types of drawings. In the current generation the art has been upgraded to being digital .There is no more hand drawing, no more varieties of pencils and colors. Once you have an android phone or a laptop, like that huawei laptop, you can enjoy your drawings easily and more fast. Other wearable devices come specifically to help individuals in different fields such as the art lovers. An art lover needs a simpler device that will make his / her work easy and less time consuming. The art lover needs to know what is trending online without simply carrying a lap top or an iPod all over. They need something that can be easily portable and wearable.

The following are some of the wearable gadgets for art lovers:


  • Fin Ring

This is a wearable gadget design worn on the finger just like a finger ring. It is very useful to any art love since due to its blue tooth connection ability; the art lover is able to make presentations to their clients just by taping this ring using a thumb or any other finger. It is helpful to the art lover i.e. in case they are late for a presentation due to traffic they will be able to tap the fin ring while still on the steering and make communication. It has the ability to capture images and send them to the major devices hence enabling the art lover not to leave any image that interest them on the way.

  • Spotnsave wristband

It is a wearable gadget design that is used to alert your family and friends in case you are in danger. The art lovers are prone to numerous traveling all over the world in order to gain more knowledge based on art. They tend to take the journey alone or with friends but with no guarantee for protection. The spotnsave wristband is a necessity to them. This should not be off their wrist in order to ask for help whenever they are in danger. This wristband just need to be pressed twice hence sending alarm to your family and friends that you are in danger. It has the ability to indicate your location in the message enabling them to easily locate and rescue you.


  • Lechal GPS Shoes

These are Bluetooth enabled shoes that help in the navigation of direction in a strange land. It is among the wearable gadget design where it easily helps the art lover to know his direction without getting glued to the smart phone following Google maps. This is not a way of bringing down the Google map but indeed a great promotion since it has already been made wearable and easier to use. It was previously located on smart phones PCs and other non wearable gadgets .These Bluetooth enabled shoes are a must have for all art lovers due to the numerous unknown journeys they make to unknown places in the name of research.

  • Google Glass

This is a must have wearable gadget design that an art lover must have. It is a Bluetooth connected device that is hands free to make communication through word of, internet and voice command. It is a small screen inform of your eyes controlled by both voice commands and touch on the frame .It is a necessity to the art loves since it helps them communicate without disrupting their activities. They are able to communicate through calls without necessarily getting their phones from the pocket. The calls come direct to the Google glass whereby you can easily communicate.

  • Samsung Gear 2

It is a wearable gadget design that is a must have a for art lovers. It is restricted to just Samsung users since its blue tooth can only pair with only a few select Samsung Galaxy Smart phones. It is a great necessity to the art lovers despite the few restrictions since it can enable them receive calls easily despite the busy schedule they might be having.

buhel-soundglass-diagram-700x467 (1)

  • Bone Conduction Bluetooth 3.0 Sun Glasses

These sun glasses are mostly used while the art lovers are on a survey or studying sunny areas. They help prevent the eyes from sun damage and also ease communication. They are able to link information from the Smartphones to the glass and enable easy reading. It is a wearable gadget design that is simple to handle and only works in the sun. Protect your vision and block the blue light. Choose blue light blocking glasses similar to round tortoise shell glasses!


Art lovers venture in most insecure places hence need to thank technology for making it easier for them. Their career is involved in a lot of studies relating to ancient pictures and drawings than need a lot of traveling. These wearable design gadgets have made them have an easy time since they are portable and safe. They do not have to fear theft or insecurity while away from home since they can easily communicate and rescued easily.




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