Tips for Better Defending and Beating Goalkeeper in Fifa 15

• written by Krist Duro

Redditor swag_america and a few others have posted the following tips for defending better in FIFA 15:

  • Be patient and contain [contain is done by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox] and just follow the player and always try to force him outside. When your opponent gets to the final third on the wing, switch to the closest defensive back and cut him off by doubling him with the player you were originally marking him with [hold R1 after you switch to the defensive back to keep the original defender there for the double team].

  • Defend with your midfielders and only double team when you have more defenders than attackers. Pick the closest midfielder/attacker and just sprint back to keep your back four in line. AI behaves fine when they're in line.

  • Use actual CDMs. Use actual defenders with good size and decent pace.

  • Slide tackle - It will have a big impact in FIFA 15. Unlike previous FIFA titles, where players used the O or B button to knock off a player, in FIFA 15 players have to use the slide tackle when they catch up (right moment).

  • Use O on PlayStation and B on Xbox sparingly. When fighting for ball possession, use this when you are closer to the ball. Using this to play catch up might not be successful in FIFA 15 as you might fall behind.

  • Always look out for passing lanes, especially when you break your back line. If you see one forming you usually have two options: Use the player you're controlling to go fill the gap [usually this would be someone you're trying to pressure the ball with] while usually pressing R1 to pressure the ball with a CPU teammate or while you are putting pressure on the ball switch to someone who can cover the gap, then hold R1 to pressure the ball so the player you just left can pressure the ball.

  • If you are not good at defending, one Redditor suggested using the "park the bus" tactics. Here the defenders will keep their position and will cover each other. The other players will also support them to defend.

  • Do not charge forward with your defenders.

  • Highlight your centre back and just sit back with him, covering any runs/passes the striker might make. Always make sure he is the furthest one back, effectively using him as a sweeper while using the second man press, allowing your midfielders to charge down the ball.

  • Defend like in a real football game. Stay compact, stay back, and shepherd your mark to the wing. Use contain and jockey to push your mark to the wing (amihram).

  • Auto tackling distance has been drastically reduced. You can go within a foot of the player and he'll still get past you. Don't spam the tackle, wait for your opponent to show you the ball, and go in for the tackle.

  • Learn how to predict your opponent's moves. Keep glancing all around the pitch and cut off dangerous passing lanes.

  • Playing 4-3-3 or the 4-1-2-1-2 helps. Go to Team Management > Instructions and Select DM. Change "attacking support" stat to "always stay back while attacking"

  • A good offense is a good defense. FIFA 15 is all about possession and patience. Do not rush a pass. Do not just kick the ball to your striker, if he has no support near him. He will quickly get outnumbered and lose it. Gradually advance the ball towards the opponent's box by passing. Pass to players with the most space, even if it means giving the ball back/sideways.

  • Play very centrally, this may mean inverting your wingers so their strong foot is on the inside (AustiinW).

  • In custom tactics, make your back line play very deep, high lines will get you slaughtered.

  • Change your full backs to wing backs. The overlap they provide is very strong for your inverted wingers.

Tips to beat goalkeeper:

  • Stop aiming far post
  • Hit the ball where the goalkeeper least expects it
  • Run past the keeper
  • Hit it on his head

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