The Collider 2 Review

• written by Krist Duro
The Collider 2 Review

The Collider 2 by Shortbreak Studios is the sequel to 2014's The Collider.  The Collider 2 is a science-fiction sprint runner videogame in which the player has to avoid different obstacles and complete certain objectives while traveling down a linear tube at breakneck speed.  Think of it as a science fiction version of temple run but without turning left or right just trying to avoid things right in front of you.  The concept sounds very simple and quite frankly, it is.  Hence the budget price point of The Collider 2.

The regular 2D monitor version of the game has the player using the control pad from a third person perspective trying to avoid the oncoming obstacles.  Its very fast and intense, and quite rewarding when achieving all three medals during the challenge run. To my surprise, in the VR equivalent, the difficult is lowered a bit but the speed is most certainly not!


The VR version of the game is played solely in a first person point of view and since you're traveling down a linear path with no view of the horizon or the cockpit to ground it turns out to be a pleasant and comfortable gaming experience.  Head tracking is used to move your ship around the upcoming obstacles, collect power ups, and complete different objectives.  The left or right trigger on your controller are used to control the boost of the ship.

The boost mechanic of the game is very familiar, allowing you to boost for a limited time and then requiring a quick cool down before it can be used again.  Random power ups can help you by instantly recharging your boost and really do help while trying to achieve timed missions.


Another feature of The Collider 2 is the ability to upgrade your ships or purchase new ones with in game currency.  The upgrades work as you would expect in other endless runner games.  They range from improvement of basic powers up, instant boost charge, and basic statistics boost to your ship. Fortunately the in-game currency is relatively easy to earn and you can quickly begin to improve your ships.

The Collider 2 is enjoyable experience at first, especially if you are using a VR headset, which I would highly recommend.  The downside is that it is in fact a very limited experience.  Ducking and diving to avoid obstacles is enjoyable at first but this game would never be a "must have" for a VR experience.  In my personal opinion it would never be considered a standout title for either the 2D or VR library.

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