Technology's Impact On Human Safety

• written by Krist Duro

Let's stop to think about the advancements in technology over the past year. The first things that come to mind are new cell phones, an Apple Macbook with touch slide capabilities, or the introduction of robots who can help with household chores. It seems as though new breakthroughs are making an impact on our lives each and every day, whether or not we notice them. It's a phenomenal time to become more involved with technology and study the rapid pace in which we utilize its advantages each and every day.

Have you stopped to realize the many positive changes that have been introduced since the evolution of the internet? How about since the development of the iPhone? Many of these changes have made us not only more efficient and practical, but they have helped us evolve into more connected, and safer communities. Let's examine some of the practical ways that humans and communities across the globe are safer as the result of new breakthroughs.

Robotic devices and machines

On the job duties may be difficult for some who work in industries where manual labor is required. Most of the time, factory workers and machinist face the risk of severe injury or illness as the result of their day to day duties at work. Operating dangerous equipment like forklifts, and moving around machines to create products for customers can quickly become dangerous. If the employee becomes fatigued, or has worked on the same task repeatedly for several hours, mistakes can happen much easier than anticipated. Additionally, equipment can malfunction without notice, putting the employee at a serious risk of injury or even fatality if the malfunction is serious enough.

Luckily, robotic machines and devices have been developed to overcome this issue. With the introduction of self-operated devices and equipment, the manual labor once required by human intervention has been greatly reduced. As a result, any malfunction or improper use risk has been shifted to the robotic devices, rather than human life. These gadgets can be replaced- a human life cannot. Furthermore, robotic machines increase efficiency, and help the employer reduce overhead costs associated with paying an employee.

Using Maps to highlight dangers

The use of data to pinpoint specific locations across the globe that face risks such as earthquakes, and dangerous storms has developed exponentially over the past several years. Additionally, using satellite monitoring and tracking devices to watch over our roadways and modes of transportation has quickly developed. Utilizing past driver data to outline locations of highway accidents and crashes has also helped humans to map out areas they should consider avoiding while traveling.

Self Automated Cars keeping us safer

More recently, self-automated cars have been in discussion. Google and Apple are currently conducting several tests on autonomous vehicles, with hopes of introducing one of the first models of self-operating vehicles. Tesla has already introduced a similar model in some of their vehicles, however Google is working to refine the process and allow consumers the ability to have a completely hands-free experience when commuting on the roadways. Once fully developed, a self-driving automobile could easily help to reduce the number of roadway accidents experienced by motorists across the globe. For instance, it could probably prevent the number of accidents with people injured by a big truck on a highway, or even deaths due to accidents. Additionally, self-automated vehicles could help individuals to spend more of their time getting things done while commuting, rather than spending time behind the wheel.

Technology may sometimes seem as though it's developed to make our lives easier. Though this is commonly the case, advancements are also developed to increase our safety and productivity throughout many of our daily obligations. Newer technologies will continue to replace older devices and allow us to grow as a global community towards a safer, more efficient world. In what ways do you believe technology can be improved to create a safer, more efficient way of living?

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