Tech To Curb Distraction

• written by Krist Duro

There are plenty of ways that we can become distracted on the roadways everyday. Whether we are venturing out to our favourite stores, commuting to work, or even going to grab a bite to eat- we face distractions everyday.

There are various forms of distractions that we might not think about. Some of the most common forms of distractions come from technology- such as texting and driving, checking emails, engaging in social media, and sometimes the worst of the worst- use of a laptop. Additionally, some of the gadgets that have been designed to assist with “hands-free driving” such as bluetooth devices often distract us more than we may realise.

Additionally, non-technological distractions like billboards, and (with the current time) voting signs, and other advertisements deter our focus on the roadways every time we head out. Marketers and companies make it almost impossible to avoid various distractions on the roadways. To curb this problem, there are a few apps you should check out that will help to keep you safe on the roadways.

On the Road

Freedom- this application allows users to block usage on various devices such as phones and laptops for an extended period of time. This app would be great to use when traveling on long road trips- often the most tempting time to pick up your phone while making the long commute. Thankfully, this platform covers almost all devices- from Windows, and Mac, to iOS.

FleetSafer- A great application if you are a business owner, and speculate employees might be involved in distracted driving behaviours on the roadways. This app is specifically designed for commercial fleets, and gives managers and business owners a better piece of mind when it comes to their employees safety on the road. FleetSafer is available across many different operating systems.

CellControl- This nifty platform uses bluetooth technology, rather than GPS to determine vehicle location and track operation. CellControl is another great app that allows users to completely lock use of all devices- cell phones, iPads, and laptops. The app is available and compatible with more than 1,000 devices.

Off the Road

Driving in Texas: Check out this information portal, that allows visitors to access some startling statistics about roadway accidents and injury in the state of Texas. One of the most interesting points- men are three times more likely to be in an accident in Texas than women!

Driving simulators: There are various simulation games that allow users to safely operate an automobile from their computer. These are great technological advances that mimics roadway distractions that are commonly faced by many.

Be sure to check out some of these apps and programs that help users to curb distractions on the roadways. Without the help of technology, and the introduction of assisting apps and devices that keep us on track, we can only imagine how many more distracted driving accidents would occur each day. What are some of your favourite apps or programs that you use while on the roadways?

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