Switch Stance - The portable, ultra-affordable standing desk.

• written by Krist Duro

Are you sitting for more than 3 hours per day?

Then you might be harming your body in a number of ways. Our bodies are not designed for sitting. What we consider a regular working day can cause serious health problems as well as lower our productivity.

Think about it. We, humans, never really were big on sitting in the past. We spent most of our time walking or running around, working in the fields, and when we were tired, we went straight to sleeping, only sitting down for just a few minutes now and then.

Most of us spend far more than just 3 hours per day in our chairs behind a computer screen. We are at great risk, even if we exercise every day. The solution is simple...and fun. Switching between sitting and standing can reduce health risks, improve our productivity and even help us lose some weight. All you need to do is kick back that chair and stand up for your health. Switch Stance is the new Kickstarter project that tackles that problem in a fun and affordable way.

You can read more about it here. That's right. Standing up while you work is one of the most effective and simplest methods to improve your health and productivity.

Experts say that we can avoid many health hazards by simply standing up for even as little as 2 hours per day. Ideally, we should aim to achieve 4 hours, switching between sitting and standing. That's why you see more and more standing desks in startups and even in corporate environments all over the world. Standing desk are great. Sit/stand desks that enable you to quickly switch between sitting and standing up are even better. But, they are not without their problems.

Standing desks are expensive. You can easily spend more than $1000 for a decent desk. And even if you are prepared to part with that kind of money, there is still a problem of changing your old desk for a brand new standing desk. Moving your old desk, getting a large piece of furniture and assembling it... It just all sounds like a lot of hassle, even if you have your own office. It's nearly impossible, if you work in open plan office or a co-working space.

That's where Switch Stance comes into play. Switch Stance is a portable standing desk that costs 50x less than some higher end desks and it manages to stay eco friendly and fun. You can use Switch Stance with your own desk or even kitchen table, to transform it into ergonomic sit/stand desk in just a few seconds. Switch Stance is ideal for startup offices, co-working environments and home offices. Simply put it on your existing desk and unfold it. Or, even use your own kitchen table as a base and turn it into a home office.

Switch Stance can be used in two positions:

  • Sitting down position lifts your screen or laptop just enough to align it with the height of your eyes, putting it in perfect position for work and relieving strain on your neck.
  • With just a few simple moves, it can transform to standing mode, allowing you to work in comfortable and safe position. With your keyboard and screen in just the right height to combat that back pain and pump more blood through your body for improved productivity.

Switch Stance is live on Kickstarter now. You can click here to read more about it or watch a short video presentation.

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