Stadia Is Now Available

• written by Krist Duro

Stadia Founder’s Edition will start arriving on gamers’ doorsteps on November 19, 2019. If you were one of the first gamers who pre-ordered and have received your Founder’s Editions, you’ll be able to buy and play your favorite games on November 19. You can play Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Kine, and more on your TV, laptop, desktop, and select tablets and phones.

Whether you ordered Stadia Founder’s Edition or Premiere Edition, you’ll have three months of Stadia Pro, with access to Destiny 2: The Collection. Using the included Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller, you’ll be gaming in up to 4K HDR with 5.1 surround sound when playing on your TV. For any questions on what devices are supported, broadband internet connection requirements, and the details on Stadia Pro, visit

Stadia Founder’s Editions and Stadia Premiere Editions will begin shipping in the same order that pre-orders were received. You’ll get an email when your package ships, and soon after, will receive a code to activate your Stadia account and Stadia Pro.  You can check out Package & Freight Forwarding from US to Canada , for the best shipping experiences.

Stadia will continue to add features and updates in the coming weeks and months, as well as more games. Twenty-six titles are coming this year, with many, many more in development all around the world. Buddy Passes will begin shipping early in December, and Stadia Premiere Edition is available to order now at

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