Special Massage Shagger Inspired by Melania

• written by Krist Duro
Special Massage Shagger Inspired by Melania

Young Slovenian startup successfully funded their edgy campaign on Kickstarter. “OTO The Massage Shagger” is an innovative massager, which oxygenates tissue and makes you feel refreshed. It was designed for a modern man to relieve him of a stressful sedentary lifestyle.


Slovenians hold the record in the most accumulated funding on Kickstarter per capita. This time they came up with a stylish wooden massager that promises to awaken your body with pleasure. After overreaching their goal, they announced their new stretch goal, The Trump Shagger, bigger and more grippy shagger that would help our new Whitehouse residents bring more energy and fun to their presidency. Upon reaching the stretch goal they will send a special shagger to the first new First Lady born in Slovenia.

»We all worry too much. Our fast paced life affects our well being. We all know massage helps - thus we offer it to everyone, anywhere. Upon reaching our goal, and since Melania Trump is coming from our beautiful country, we though why not help the First couple release the tension and have more energy and fun with their mandate. Let's see if Donald is a true shagger« said Nace Pani?, co-founder and CEO of OTO The Massage Shagger.

OTO team admits, they had a bit of luck with raising funds, being accused by some to be the first adult toy on Kickstarter.

"Kickstarter is a great community, the fact that our stretch goal idea, the special Trump Shagger, received great feedback tells us a lot about people being open-minded and up for positive changes, we want OTO to remind people to worry less and to spread love not hate" added Nace Pani?.

Team behind OTO The Massage Shagger, reached 200% of their goal on Monday 14.11.2016. Campaign runs for another 7 days.

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