Reach Your Destination Safely: Using Technology For Good This Holiday Season

• written by Krist Duro

Living in a tech-centric world, most of us rely heavily on technology every day. Despite how helpful it is, technology has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to driving. Texting and driving and even talking on the phone while driving are major contributing factors in distracted driving-related accidents, which claim thousands of lives each year.

The holiday season is a busy time of year for traveling and planning on going on a road trip to visit family and friends. Technology, when used responsibly, can be useful in helping you along the way and reach your destination safely. Here are some tech tools to consider when driving.

Before You Hit The Road

Many drivers are in denial about their dependency on their smartphones, especially when it comes to texting and driving. In almost all of the states, texting and driving are unlawful but despite the laws, the consequences, and the increased risk of danger on the road, many drivers see nothing wrong with sending or responding to a quick text.

Before you head out on your holiday road trip, why not test your attention behind the wheel by playing “Cards of Distractibility?” This free online game simulates texting and driving and when it’s done, you are asked to properly identify all of the road signs you saw while “driving.” Most players get so involved in texting that they didn’t even notice the signs or see that they changed.

Not only does this game offer the perfect opportunity to test your attention to detail but it’s a good reminder to stay extra alert and to eliminate distractions when driving.

Use Technology To Make Your Car “Smarter”

Packing all the essentials for your road trip, like an emergency car kit, is important before you head to your destination but you may even want to consider installing technology that will keep you safe and connected while driving.

Technology devices and apps like Hum can help you detect an issue with your car right away or request roadside assistance if it’s needed. This type of technology is kind of like having an insurance agent and car mechanic traveling with you, which can be helpful when you’re miles away from home.

See Traffic Conditions in Real-Time

There are a variety of apps that can come in handy while traveling such as a weather app or even one that can help you find the closest and cheapest gas station. Headed someplace warm like Florida?

Florida is a busy and popular place to visit once the winter holidays arrive. Whether you’re a Florida native or are visiting for the first time, traffic congestion, accidents, and road construction can re-route or slow down your commute. Want to know what’s going on before you hit a snag?

Online tools like Florida NavMap can keep you safe and calm when driving. Another nice and helpful feature of the online tool is your ability to enter your own information as you travel so you can help out fellow travelers.

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