PSB Upgrades Award Winning Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: Announcing the PSB M4U 8 MKII

• written by Krist Duro

PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker and headphone design, upgraded its award-winning premium wireless noise cancelling headphone with the launch of the PSB M4U 8 MKII (US$399 / €449 / £349 / CDN$499 MSRP). Built for comfort and purity of sound, the M4U 8 MKII features the latest innovations in headphone technology. Pre-orders begin October 20th, with product availability and delivery commencing in November 2021.

PSB's award-winning wireless active noise cancelling headphones are reborn as the M4U 8 MKII with exciting feature upgrades. Enhanced battery life and the latest noise cancelling technology improve the mobile listening experience, while personalisation by Audiodo Personal Sound™ compensates for each listener’s unique hearing abilities, allowing the listener to fully experience PSB Speakers' renowned sonic signature. At work or on-the-move, PSB headphones are designed for comfortable and noise-free extended listening.

Personalised Audio Experience

Most headphone designs assume that everyone who wears them will listen the same way, but in reality no two ears hear the same, even if they are attached to the same person. The M4U 8 MKII features Personal Sound by Audiodo™, which measures a listener’s unique hearing abilities and corrects for anomalies from hearing damage, physiological irregularities, and even psychoacoustic perceptions. The quick and effective Audiodo hearing calibration – available in the dedicated PSB Headphones app – produces an incredibly precise model of an individual’s sense of hearing, fully revealing PSB's true-to-nature sonic signature, purely and noise-free. Available only in the latest generation of the M4U 8s, the launch of the MKII represents the first time that the Audiodo technology can be found in a HiFi headphone.

Immersive RoomFeelTM Technology

Created to deliver the clear, natural sound of a live performance, the next generation of PSB’s exclusive RoomFeel™ technology adds layers of true-to-life realism to all recordings. Using decades of research knowledge in acoustic design, RoomFeel was carefully developed to produce ‘room gain’ – the energy and clarity that a room adds when listening to high-quality loudspeakers, resulting in a truly stunning musical experience. Designed for on-the-move listening, RoomFeel brings the most accurate sound directly through the M4U 8 MKII.

Technology & Comfort Rich

The M4U 8 MKII connects wirelessly to music, games, shows, and meetings via Bluetooth® aptX™ HD – the 24-bit high-definition version of the universal wireless technology. There are also two different wired modes of operation: 3.5mm wired connection, or via USB-C from the computer, recharging the batteries while listening. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is remarkably sophisticated and effective, utilising four digital microphones to cut down on analogue-to-digital conversion error in audio processing. There is also an Active Mode and a Passive Mode. Listen all day and all night with up to 25 hours of run time in Active Mode. With a wired Passive Mode feature, it becomes easy to manage battery life.

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The unique two-way adjustable ear pads are gyro-suspended for optimal ergonomics and supreme comfort – ensuring long listening periods remain fatigue free. Super soft ear pads and lightweight design make the headphones “disappear”, leaving only rich, detailed sound. The expandable headband also easily adjusts for a more customised fit. Nothing will stand between users and what they want to listen to.

“PSB entered the headphone category almost 10 years ago with the original M4U 2, showing the world that high-performance audio was possible in a noise cancelling headphone at a time when it was one or the other – audio quality, or noise cancelling performance,” comments Matt Simmonds, PSB Headphones Product Manager. “The M4U 8 MKII is now our 3rd generation of noise cancelling headphones, appealing to the practical sensibilities of customers who want the best audio performance, but need wireless, feature-rich headphones for an on-the-go lifestyle. The M4U 8 MKII achieves the perfect balance.”

Key Features of the PSB M4U 8 MKII
- Bluetooth HD wireless connection with aptX™ HD and Qualcomm® cVc™ technology 
- Separate Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), Active, and Passive Modes  
- All-digital ANC with digital MEMS microphones decreases audio conversion error 
- PSB’s latest RoomFeel™ technology with greater detail and better imaging 
- Personal Sound by Audiodo™ through the PSB Headphones app 
- Access additional features, settings, and over-the-air updates using the
PSB Headphones app 
- NFC pairing for supported devices 
- Over-ear, amplified, closed back design 
- Physical controls for volume, playback, and mode selection 
- Unique dual 3.5mm input connections (left or right side) 
- Tangle-free cords for analogue wired and USB-C connection 
- 1/4” stereo and dual-input flight adapters 
- Runs on included rechargeable battery power 
- Up to 25 hrs battery playtime in Active Mode 
- Gyro-suspended ear pads 
- Carry case and easy folding for travel and storage

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