MudRunner VR Launches Today on Meta Quest

• written by Krist Duro
MudRunner VR Launches Today on Meta Quest

Master the mightiest trucks and overcome the most dangerous wilds with total excitement and immersion in VR!

It’s time to strap in, grab the wheel, and take on the great outdoors! MudRunner VR is available today for 14.99 GBP / 19.99 EUR on Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro. Developed and published by Saber Interactive, MudRunner VR is perfect for MudRunner veterans, VR fans, and daring adventurers alike. Armed with only your vehicle, a map, your gear and your wits, do you have what it takes to overcome the muddiest expeditions and get your cargo to safety?

MudRunner VR captures the classic MudRunner experience in virtual reality with new 3D landscapes and models, plus eight powerful all-terrain vehicles, each with their own characteristics and attachable equipment. Traverse vast environments in total immersion in Story Mode and Free Play Mode, completing challenging objectives and deliveries across extreme conditions. Interact with your cockpit and venture outside the cabin to use the winch, refuel and more to execute your objectives in unparalleled VR.

Key Features

The Ultimate Off-Road Experience Comes to VR

Enjoy the classic MudRunner experience with the unmatched feel and immersion of VR on Meta Quest.

Master Eight Powerful All-Terrain Vehicles

Get behind the wheel of eight unique vehicles, each with their own distinct attributes and equipment as well as cosmetic variations.

Explore Vast, Untamed Environments

Adventure across immense sandbox landscapes while battling the harshest terrain and forces of nature.

Overcome Extreme Conditions & Get the Job Done

Complete a variety of perilous objectives and deliveries while fighting off the wild’s most hazardous dangers.

MudRunner VR is available today for Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro via the Meta Store.

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