MoneyCoach 6.0 is Available Now on the App Store, Same Day as iOS 14 Release

• written by Krist Duro

MoneyCoach Technologies is pleased to announce that the latest version of their financial mindfulness app MoneyCoach is available right now in the App Store on the same day iOS 14 releases to the public. MoneyCoach creates healthy financial habits that reduce your financial stress, increase your financial knowledge, and develop your financial skills.

The development team spent a lot of time optimizing the app, rewriting a lot of code, and supporting all of the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 features making version 6.0 the biggest update for MoneyCoach yet.

Widgets on the Home Screen are a new thing in iOS 14 and MoneyCoach is fully embracing them. Quickly glance at your remaining budget to limit yourself from overspending or motivate yourself to save more money and achieve your dreams and goals faster are some of the benefits of these new powerful widgets.

The update transforms and takes the MoneyCoach iPad experience to the next level with a completely new user interface revamping the whole navigation by utilising the new enhancements like sidebar three-column split view and pull down menus. Quickly navigate to anywhere in the app via the primary sidebar, explore more information in the supplementary sidebar and delve deep into the details in the secondary sidebar.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

iPad users can work even faster with MoneyCoach using their physical keyboards or a connected mouse. MoneyCoach also supports Scribble where your handwriting will automatically transform to typed text, so you can get back to what you were doing without interrupting your flow.

Also included in this update are a myriad of fixes, tweaks, improvements, and other major changes in nearly all of the existing features of the app. 

The best part is that these changes not only benefit iOS 14 iPadOS 14 users but also iOS 13 and even iOS 12. The MoneyCoach team really went the extra mile by still supporting these past versions so no one is left behind. Financial mindfulness apps can be scary and you probably won't understand how helpful it can be immediately after you open it. MoneyCoach is here to do just that, help you create healthy financial habits, reduce your financial stress, and increase your financial knowledge.

MoneyCoach 6 is available right now on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

For more information, visit MoneyCoach’s official Twitter and Facebook.

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