Kalydo Demolishes Entry Barriers to True Cloud Gaming

• written by Krist Duro

Worldwide Cloud Gaming Platform Launches Easy Access Trial for Game Developers

Kalydo, a leading International Cloud Gaming Platform service, is proud to reveal at The Develop Conference in Brighton today their revolutionary low entry pricing model and free trial for true cloud gaming. Available to game developers of every size, Kalydo's proven platform and proprietary technology has demolished the hype associated with cloud gaming - taking instant access gaming to the next level. With over 5 years experience and having launched titles in over 15 countries across 5 continents, Kalydo has a deep understanding of the world gaming marketplace. Serving a diverse range of customers from Cartoon Network to Gravity, Gungho and Neowiz, Kalydo gets what developers need when it comes to cloud gaming.

That´s why the company is proudly introducing a revolutionary 'clear pricing' model with a free trial period for game developers; cementing Kalydo´s pioneering role in this growing market space. By offering a three tier price plan ranging from a starter level to a full enterprise service with 24/7 support and private cloud optionality, Kalydo enables games studios of any size to deploy cutting edge cloud gaming technology

“Until now cloud gaming has been a buzz word without actual successful live services and results. Kalydo shows the opposite, not a keynote at E3 of what is coming, but a live service with clear pricing that any developer can join today.” Doki Tops, Kalydo CEO

Game developers at The Develop Conference in Brighton have the exciting opportunity to experience Kalydo technology at work by visiting the stand in the free-to-enter exhibition space at the conference. Visitors can witness live demonstrations and see for themselves how the technology works for every game genre and register for a free trial period.

“Kalydo is based on file streaming instead of video streaming such as OnLive. Our technology works on low bandwidth connections and is suitable for any type of game such as open world MMO´s, racing and shooter games.” Mark Schroders, Kalydo CTO.

“We tried the Kalydo technology and are delighted with the result, our game runs fantastically and everything was easy to use and well documented. Plus when we needed support it was fast and effective. Cloud gaming has the image of being expensive, difficult and time consuming. Kalydo proved otherwise.” Maximus Shiyanov, Rosigra CEO.

Developers can sign up now for a free trial at www.kalydo.com/trial, or by visiting the Kalydo stand (#B32) at the free-entry exhibition at The Develop Conference in Brighton on the 11th and 12th of July for live demonstrations, information and, hopefully some lively conversations!

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