Jetpack Joyride PSN Review

• written by Krist Duro

From iOS and Android to PSN. What was won and what was lost during the transition? We discuss it on our Jetpack Joyride PSN Review

I think that everyone have heard Jetpack Joyride. I think that maybe everyone has played at least once Jetpack Joyride. But for those of you who have no idea of what Jetpack Joyride is, here is a quick rundown: Jetpack Joyride is a endless running game developed by Halfbrick studios. This game was originally for made for the iOS and Android devices, but now known developer Beatshapers have brought it to PSN. Now the important question is, what has changed?

The simple answer to that is well, nothing! It is just the same game you can play on your mobile devices for free, but to play it on your Vita, PSP or PS3 you have to pay 3,99€ in Europe and 3,99$. I mean why should we pay for a game which we can play for free?

I have nothing against the game, in contrary I love this game. It is an amazing game and super addictive. Visually the game looks great on small screens. Vibrant colors and a cartoony art style work great for Jetpack Joyride. The sound effects are cool too.

The story and premise of the game are super simple. Barry,our hero, comes across the "secret" laboratory of Legitimate Research, a corporation dedicated to developing crazy technologies. Seizing the chance to become a hero, Barry begins his ride after getting a gatling gun jetpack and making his escape.

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To keep things interesting, players must avoid lasers, missiles and electro zappers, all the while grabbing coins and trying out ridiculous vehicles – Lil' Stomper a robot like the ones in Metal Slug, Profit Bird clearly a pun to Rovio's bird franchise, the robot dragon himself, Mr. Cuddles and a motorbike! Also along the way players can collect tokens to use in the slot-machine at the end of each run where they can win different prizes.

You can use all your collected coins in the Stash, where you can buy all sorts of things. You can upgrade your gear or you can buy new gadgets for Barry like jumping shoes etc. Or you can buy one time use items like a powerful boost etc. Or you can change the looks of Barry by buying crazy and unique costumes. Or you can buy new jetpacks to use in your runs. There are a lot of items you can buy in the Stash!

You also complete "missions" or challenges to level up. These will keep you hooked for some time, but not for too long. As you level up you earn more coins to spend on upgrades, costumes etc. That's it! This is all that Jetpack Joyride has to offer. This is clearly a game to play on the go, that's why it works for the mobile devices and kinda works for the Vita and PSP. But for the PS3 it's a whole another story.

Playing it in an iPhone with Retina Display is a treat for your eyes, but when you scale it up to a big HDTV it looses all its beauty. The game looks pixelated and very rough around the edges. Sure the game is a Minis title, but I expected a lot more for the PS3 version. Where are the HD graphics? Was this too difficult to do? Or was it just laziness? I think the second one is the right answer.

Apart from the graphics they could have included new stuff, I don't know, new levels maybe, new mechanics, new vehicles. Sure they included achievements or trophies, call them how you want. But where is the leaderboard support. How can I show my supremacy in the game if I got a crazy score?Again laziness! Maybe in the future they can patch it and add a leaderboard, new stuff and HD graphics maybe, but I have my doubts.

Again I don't have anything with the game or the devs that ported it to the PSN. But it still is a very simple port. If you are planning of spending 4$ to get it on the Vita or PSP, then go with it. The game runs great, looks beautiful and it will keep you hooked on for quite some time. But if you are thinking to play it only on the PS3, then don't do it. There are better ways to spend your cash!


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