Jane Wilde Available on the App Store

• written by Krist Duro
Jane Wilde Available on the App Store

The Voluptuous Vixen Unleashes Her “Wilde” Side to Exterminate Undead in Side-Scrolling Shooter Action

Boot scootin’ side-scroller shootin’ fun hits iOS today, as developer LevelBit today announced that Jane Wilde is now available for free-to-play download from the App Store. With the help of an arsenal of weapons, this curvy sharp shooter storms the Wild West and Deep South to rid the many ghost towns of their new, and unwelcome, undead residents.

Jane Wilde is an over-the-top cartoon horror side-scrolling shooter, and it is now available from the iTunes App Store. If your kids are glued to cartoons, you can install apps such as watchcartoononline tv redmoonpie.

“We are very excited to launch our pet cartoon horror project after months of development”, said Milos Zivanovic Managing Director from LevelBit. “Jane has outrageously over-exaggerated curves and kicks serious undead butt. It’s all part of the excessive cartoon gore and humor in the game, and we know that side-scrolling shooter fans will love this one”!

About Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde is the sexiest sharp-shooter in the West, and she’s on a mission to shoot, blast and bomb her way through hundreds of undead vermin, such as vampires, skeletons, centaurs and more. Players must guide Jane through over 30 levels of undead slaughter with a selection of unlockable and upgradeable guns and heavy artillery, including a revolver, shotgun, Gatling gun, grenade launcher and the undead “freeze” bow. By annihilating all of the vermin in each ghost town level, players can earn gold and special power-ups to increase damage and rack up undead kills.


•    Five unique Wild West settings

•    Over 30 levels of single player Story mode

•    Five different stages in Survival mode

•    Unlockable and upgradable weapons

•    Special powers

•    Dozens of monster types

•    Boss fights

•    Costumes

•    Achievements

•    Global leaderboard

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