Is Microsoft killing PC Gaming?

• written by Krist Duro

Minecraft is the latest developer to reject Microsoft’s strategy for Windows 8. Along with Gabe Newell at Valve and Rob Pardo at Blizzard, Markus Persson has gone out of his way to denounce Windows 8’s games strategy.

The issue these PC developers have is Windows 8 will make the PC a ‘closed platform’. To have your title sold on the Microsoft app store there will be certain rules and regulations titles will have to adhere to. For example, PEGI 18 material will not qualify for the store. This doesn’t stop publishers selling its titles through other distributors, Steam for example, but does handcuff publishers hoping to target a wider market.

This isn’t the problem. The real problem is this platform will allow small and indie developers to take a greater share of the market. Apple’s App Store has already proved itself as an active breeding ground for a number of indie studios going global (anytime remember OMG POP).

The Windows 8 app store will do wonders for marketing indie titles. What’s more, the potential on PC for indies to develop stunning games, as supposed to on console, is exponential. It is no wonder the big boys are running scared. Ravi Vijh is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday. To wish him luck and check out his time, follow him on Twitter @ravivijh

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