Introducing Todoist Next

• written by Krist Duro

Todoist announces the launch of their most comprehensive endeavor: Todoist Next.

With this rewrite, Todoist Next becomes the most robust task manager on the market. It is the to-do list tool that’s available on the highest number of platforms, offering all the most essential productivity features with distinctly sleek design. Todoist Next allows users to smoothly collaborate with one another across 13 different platforms– for free.

Delegate tasks to a family member, coworker, friend, or others, add comments to the shared tasks, and receive notifications regarding delegated tasks. Todoist Next makes it easier than any other task manager to increase productivity– not just alone, but now alongside life’s most important people.

“People have completed millions of tasks and projects using our previous software. With Todoist Next, we expect this to increase to billions of tasks and projects. It's that significant of an improvement,” affirms Amir Salihefendic, the CEO of Todoist.

In addition, the software offers a new scheduling feature that makes adding or delegating tasks to a daily, monthly, or yearly calendar extremely simple. And all of the tasks and data that are housed in each users’ Todoist Next account are now in real-time synchronized across all platforms, something previously reserved for just premium users.

The new features of Todoist Next are beautifully experienced thanks to Todoist’s characteristically minimalistic design and intuitive User Interface. All of the web, desktop, and plug-in apps have also been completely revamped to reflect the fresh look that goes in-hand with Todoist Next. The new software also has updated interfaces for project and task labels and powerful custom filters that make getting things done a true pleasure.

Our Thoughts

Well we tested Todoist back when it first launched and we liked it very much. The design was fantastic, minimalist and very intuitive, but all the good things were locked behind a premium fee. You can read our full impressions by clicking here. Now Todoist Next sounds really cool, but we will have to wait and see how is it going to pan out in the end.

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