HTC Had Just introduced the iPhone 6- Blast!

• written by Krist Duro

If the word budget has been loitering around your mind recently, then it seems like something out there is waiting for you. Now, almost anyone will not think twice before buying an iPhone 6 (not the original) because HTC has just decided that the best way to beat its rivals, Samsung, and Apple, and regain its position in the market would definitely be to challenge one of them. Believe it or not, HTC has ventured to challenge Apple’s iPhone 6S by introducing the HTC One A9, and it looks no different than iPhone 6S.

But again, the phone runs on Android and so, you won’t be able to get a wholesome and novel iPhone experience with the clone by HTC (forget about iOS). Check out the improvements made by HTC this time with its iPhone 6S clone:

  1. Flat Back

For sure, HTC has made a whopping change in the way One A9 looks. It just seems and feels like iPhone 6S. HTC used to launch devices with curved backs, but the latest model is slim and shiny just like the iPhone 6S. However, that curved back was the identity of the HTC’s One lineup, which made the devices easy to hold.

  1. Edge Design

The edges in the HTC One A9 are now made up of Aluminum and the display curves into the edges, making it fashionable. It also features an awesome back, as mentioned earlier, and the most important, both A9 and 6S look identical.

  1. Greater Specs

The A9 obliviously has better specs than the iPhone. It features an eight-core Snapdragon 615 processor with 2 or 3 gigs of RAM (you decide) powered by the latest Android Marshmallow operating system.

  1. Storage and Battery

The A9 comes with two options for storage just like other devices, 16 GB or 32 GB and for sure, there is an expansion slot for those who want to add some storage (only if you need). Moreover, the phone has only 2150 mAh battery, which might be enough to pass a day but the power of the phone is quite less compared to the 2700 mAh battery pack boasted by Nexus 5X device. The A9 also boasts a 2,150 milliamp-hour battery, which supports Quick Charge New Technology 3.0, and it simply means that you will be able to recharge it from 0% to 80% within half an hour. On the other hand, the iPhone 6S has only 1715 mAh powerhouse but remember that iOS even runs for a long time with that much battery. However, the real-life capacity of these devices is different depending upon the programs running on the system, so you need to do some research before jumping in.

  1. Camera

The A9 has a 13 MP front camera and the front camera is just 4 MP but is said to be an UltraPixel selfie camera. There is also the pro mode in camera allowing you to adjust the settings before taking a perfect photograph (at least one of them will be your profile picture). Additionally, there is a fingerprint sensor, which will ensure that your children won’t play Clash of Clans without getting you to know.

In a Nutshell

The A9 is relatively bigger than the iPhone 6S, but its display is a bit fishy when viewed outdoor. Moreover, the A9 is $250 cheaper than iPhone 6S with relatively high specs like 3 gigs of RAM and eight-core processor. However, Apple will optimize its apps and make them run better on the iPhone 6S but in this instance, Google will also go for something élite. The App Store was attacked by Malware a few days ago, so there’s a little chance people will shift towards Android because every operating system is becoming similar these days, be it iOS, OSX or Windows.

Both smartphones utilize metal unibody design and they both use very similar construction techniques. Even though HTC was the first one to use this approach, but without doubt the new HTC One A9 resemblance the iPhone 6 and 6S. HTC has made one huge step related with speakers. The phone isn’t broken in two anymore by its speakers. Now, it has a more minimalistic design. However, we all know that Apple is a big minimalist enthusiast.

But, let’s not pass the last judgment, the readers are those who have to decide for themselves whether this is copy or not.

Well, both way, the phone comes with some brilliant features and it all depends on your preferences towards the design, color, some other small but significant features, etc.

Smartphones are all basically very similar with one another, but the key is in those small differences and is the main thing what makes someone love it, or hate it.


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