How To Convert Visitors To Customers?

• written by Krist Duro
How To Convert Visitors To Customers?

Starting a business is not enough to build a customer base. This is something that will happen over time and with work to attract visitors that will later turn into customers. It will take certain steps to ensure the visitors to a business or website for the business will then become customers due to the work that was done to bring out specific points. The internet has become the go-to place for people looking for a service or product and also a place that has a broader competition base than a local business in a specific area. However, using the right methods can attract visitors and once they reach the website then it must convince them to become a customer. The important part though is to bring the customer to the business without that ability they will not become a customer.

Branding and Building

One of the most important parts of a business is building it to be recognizable to create a buzz so people recognize the name. This is known as branding as business increases it is essential to ensure visitors become customers because they like what they see. The internet has changed things for the online business and the brick and mortar business that has a website. When a service or product is offered, and a customer is pleased one of the first things they will do is write a review. They may even do this before telling friends or family since it can be done from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. It is fast and easy to let other people searching for the same type of service or product of how good or bad the customer experience was. This is why it is critical to have comprehensive customer service.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.The better treated the customer and the happier they are with the service or product the better review they will furnish. The first impulse for many people in need of a service or product is to type in their favorite search engine what it is and reviews. Instead of depending on word of mouth to spread a brand name of a company today this is done over the internet in the form of these reviews that will be found in a simple search. The reviews can entice the person reading them to visit the company's website and then this is where the website is important to bring them from being a visitor to a customer.

Defining Sales and the website

The website should be clear about the services or products offered in a professional manner but also on a website that is complete and easily maneuvered. Websites that are slow loading or difficult to find information the visitor will leave and look for another site offering the same type of business. The site should be clean in appearance, but at the same time inviting and friendly.

For instance, the new launch of Ford’s SUV showcases 360-degree tour of the vehicle which not only creates attention but also keeps customers glued to the page. Potential customers want to know what a company offers, yet at the same time, they want an eye-pleasing website to read or search for the offered products. The site should clearly define what is being offered, there should be an about us page and other pages with specific information. Search engine optimization is another important side of building the website that will bring traffic, which is known more commonly as SEO.

Internet Presence

When the website is completed in an eye-pleasing and easy to maneuver format the next step is marketing. This will bring the visitors to the website with some already converted into potential customers. This presence is having banner ads, a blog, and social media use such as Twitter or Instagram. These are places where people on the internet frequent and if running a search for a service or product the company's social media presence is essential. The search results will show them depending on what words the search is done. This kind of presence can turn a visitor into a customer if it is convincing because it is informative.

For instance, if you are a home improvement financing company then you can target customer looking for air conditioner upgrade options with blog page related to it. So, when the customer searches from upgrade options, he will stumble with your blog and get to know your financing services too. You can further increase your presence by promoting your services in social media. Even, the few characters in a tweet can be a deciding factor for a person to visit the website. There is some research to back up the advantage of using social media to increase a customer base.

  • Research from Pew Research Center in 2012-2013 it shows data that 71 percent of adults are on the internet and 67 percent of them have a Facebook account.
  • The other social media places that saw increases in use by adults were Linkedin at 22 percent, Pinterest at 21 percent, Twitter at 18 percent increase and Instagram at 17 percent.
  • Further, the research data showed that 42 percent of these adults using social media used more than one platform. These people using more than one social media site data showed 84 percent with Facebook and their other choices were Linkedin at 8 percent, Pinterest at 4 percent and both Twitter and Instagram at 2 percent.

Converting Clients to Customers

The use of social media sites and well-placed banner ads can drive traffic to a website. When the website is informative, interesting and easy to navigate the visitor can easily decide to become a customer. Social media use by a company helps in promoting their brand and bring potential customers, while a well-built website with good SEO can bring visitors who use search engines to look for a service or product. It is the combination of both that turns the potential visitor into a customer when the proper promotion is used over the company that depends on search results alone. It is the combination of methods that can be the most rewarding in enlarging the number of potential customers.


The end result is the important factor of bringing visitors to a website and convincing them they need the offered service or products. This is a company that has a website explaining why the potential customer will be happier using their service or products over others who offer the same type of goods. If that is accomplished the use of banner ads and social media can only enhance the customer base.

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