Technology's Help- Driving in Rocky Terrain

• written by Krist Duro

As we move deeper into the 21st century, technology continues to shape our society in a drastic way. From smartphones and Bluetooth to iPads and laptops, the developments in the world of technology appear to be infinite.

These days, technology can do virtually anything, and that doesn’t end with helping to safely operate a motor vehicle. Technological advancements today bring us one step forward toward driving safely and smoothly even in mountainous terrain.

The Basic Importance of the Global Positioning System GPS technology is essential for multiple reasons. In a work environment, it is fundamental for facilitating improved communication between supervisors and employees in the field. Not only do its tracking features ensure that operations are running smoothly, but it’s a valuable safety enhancement for employees on the road. You’re able to quickly access accurate directions and navigate your way through the best tour routes, reducing the potential for accidents. GPS can even be set to notify you of active engine lights so that you don’t miss any signals that something could be wrong with battery or that an oil change might be needed. People also Learn More Here about accidents and what to do in case accidents occur.

A Hybrid Between Cruise Control & GPS

Have the best of both worlds by mixing cruise control with GPS. You’ll find yourself with Predictive Cruise Control – an intelligent autopilot system. On hilly or mountainous terrain, this feature can be incredibly useful. It detects the steepness of the road below, and alters its speed to what’s appropriate. Predictive Cruise Control will accelerate slightly when climbing uphill, and brake for a steady deceleration downhill.

Controlling the Crawl on Rocky Terrain

Crawl Control is basically a low-speed cruise control and is ideal for terrain that’s rocky, sandy, snowy or difficult to maneuver over in any way. You may be familiar with that white-knuckled approach to climbing a vehicle uphill, or vice versa, with the fear of the car getting stuck or slipping and plummeting down over loose rocks.

Unlike a typical cruise control function, this system monitors each tire’s condition and determines the perfect amount of acceleration vs. deceleration based on the ground beneath the wheels. This allows you to focus your efforts almost solely on steering – a huge benefit when driving over difficult terrain.

Technology & Safety

According to this crash map, while there can be endless causes, the major contributing factor in both car accidents and commercial trucking accidents in states like Colorado, boil down to driver error. While you’ll still want to be alert and in control of the situation, these technological enhancements will certainly boost the level of safety when driving your vehicle – especially across mountainous terrain or similar conditions.

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