High-Tech Gadgets That Will Help Your Heart Stay Healthy

• written by Krist Duro


The heart is the most vital organ in the body. It handles the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body therefore for any part of the body to remain healthy the heart must also be healthy. Just like the brain, if the heart stops life ends there. It is, therefore, the responsibility of everyone to ensure that the heart remains healthy by doing physical exercise to enhance heart beats and include food substances such as fat and sodium in your diet for insulation from external injury. The heart beats about hundred thousand times a day but if lies much below or above this one should take precaution. The new technology provides latest wearable gadgets that help us keep track of the hearts health, and it’s thus important for one to keep updated with the latest gadget news. The following are some of those high-tech gadgets that help the heart stay healthy;

1.   Mio Fuse

This is one of the latest wearable gadgets that are worn on the wrist that senses the heart rate. It displays the results on its screen every time you need them, therefore, helping you to know the degree of hard work you are doing. It can be obtained over the counter at around 150 dollars.

2.   Omron 10 Series Monitor

This is a device that can be used to test blood pressure at the comfort of your house without necessarily going to the hospital. Most people are always so anxious when they visit a doctor that may result to inaccurate high results. The most convenient way of knowing your accurate blood pressure is using Omron 10. It stores over 180 readings and provides a large screen for display of results. It also shows indicator lights that help you know if the readings are within the required range. Keeping on track with new technology will help you get the latest gadget news and hence latest gadgets. Its recent price is 80 dollars

3.   AliveCor Heart Monitor

AliveCor heart monitor is a device that keeps track of the abnormal heart rates. It is connected to smartphones for one to be able to view the obtained results. It can also be accompanied with an app that can help you to record caffeine and alcohol consumption and activities that could be the possible cause of irregular heartbeats. It can be obtained at 75 dollars.

4.   Withings Pulse 02 Activity Tracker

This is also another latest wearable gadget that keeps track of the body activities such as steps taken, distance covered and some calories burned. It also measures oxygen levels with and heart rate. Cardiovascular system state can be determined by knowing the oxygen level. It can be worn with clothes or just kept inside the pocket and perform the same function.

5.   Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout measures the vital body changes. The device is placed on the forehead, and it instantly gives the readings on heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels. The device is from the recent new technology and, therefore, hasn’t been proven by FDA. Therefore just keep on track with the latest gadgets on the market and be sure of getting a first load of surplus release.

6.   iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

This is also one of the latest wearable gadgets that are clipped on the fingers and it immediately gives oxygen levels and heart rates. Normal oxygen concentration level is about 95 to 100 percent. If it drops too much below this fast precautions must be taken to stabilize the state. It can be obtained over the counter in chemists at 70 dollars.

7.   Tinker

Tinker can work well on Android and iPhone platforms. It measures the heart rate and oxygen saturation. The thumb is placed on Tinker and readings are received in one minute. Once connected to the app it then calibrates the results depending on the age and gender. This will help you know how stressed you are. It can be obtained over the counter at 200 dollars and can support Bluetooth.

8.   ResMed S+ sleep sensor

This is a device that helps you to keep track of your sleep. It is placed closer to you, and it is not necessary to be kept in contact with your body. It keeps track of your moves and breathing while you are asleep. Sleeping patterns are very important because it helps you know whether you are breathing in a healthy manner that also influences heart rates. It can be bought at 150 dollars.


As you all know that the heart is very important, everyone should take responsibility and ensure that the heart is in a good state. The explained gadgets will not directly assist you to overcome the heart problems; it helps you to take precaution just in case of any critical state and help you know the possible causes of the critical conditions. We should, therefore, try as much as possible to avoid things such as stress that is one of the main causes of heart failures and excessively high blood pressure. Also, one should ensure that is up to date with the latest gadget news that will enable you to take the right precaution in case of an emergency state. All these recommendations are for the benefit of every individual, therefore, dedicating a little time for your heart won’t hurt.


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