FlyFall Available Now

• written by Krist Duro
FlyFall Available Now

Now if you were a fan of Flappy Bird, you know what you are getting yourself into. I played the game, a couple of times and while I cannot say it was borderline frustrating since I kept going back, I have to say that it's double the trouble of Flappy Bird. That game was easy, that's why it exploded on the Appstore and was ultimately scrapped, flew high and burned itself. Fly Fall goes for a similar vibe, but instead of flying horizontally, your bird or whatever you choose as a skin falls vertically. And as Flappy Bird before it, your bird must pass through pipes only here, you have to also control the pipes.

Here's the double trouble, you must control the bird falling using the accelerometers and tap the screen to open the pipe. It is hard, really really hard and in my opinion it needs some heavy balancing to make it worth the time. This is kind of my "review", since there is nothing more to talk about, however here's the official elevator pitch the dev sent out to me:

"What's FlyFall? Well, it’s an endless arcade game with a focus on simple, customizable gameplay. In FlyFall, you are a flying bird, and you must weave through a series of gates to avoid crashing and score points. To move your bird left and right, you simply tilt your device (this feature utilizes the device’s accelerometer), and to open each gate, tap the screen at the right moment and fly through.

With the coins you earn playing the game, and in other ways, you can unlock new birds, gates, and themes. Here comes the cool part: you can mix and match birds, gates, and themes for a total of over 1,400 combinations. It’s possible to get some very strange but cool-looking combinations (for example, the zombie bird weaving through asteroid gates in the ocean theme)."

So if you like what you see in the trailer, download the game for free by clicking here.

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