Far Cry 4 Wishlist

• written by Krist Duro
Far Cry 4 Wishlist

We know Far Cry 4 is coming and we know that it will be the biggest and best Far Cry game to date as Ubisoft states and we kinda know the story and some of the gameplay features as somebody leaked them, but here's a list of the things we would like to see in the game. Know that there will be some spoilers from Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Interesting and intriguing story/characters

We know that the game will take place in Kyrat, the perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. We also know that **SPOILERS** you will play as a character named Ajay Ghale, a native of the fictional Kyrat, who trying to fulfill his mother’s dying wish, will find himself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min, possibly the dude in the purple suit in the cover art. The story sounds kinda similar to the one in Far Cry 3, with Jason and his series of unfortunate events, joining the Rakyat in order to save his friends and end Vaas's and Hoyt's terror.

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Sure it sounds the same, but I hope it's not. I don't want to play as another Jason, a douchebag party boy turned into a motherfu*king badass psycho that mowed down everything that moved using all sorts of weapons without any remorse. I just don't want it, again. Make Ajay story something totally different. We know that his mother will die possibly by the hands of the blond dude, so it will be a revenge story that's for sure. Give us an intriguing backstory for Ajay and his mother, show us their relation, their love for one another, maybe like AC3 did. Make Ajay a simple man, I don't know, maybe an honest hard working Sherpa that doesn't want to kill anyone, but he has in order to survive. Don't just give him an arsenal of weapons and make him go all Rambo even though he might have never held a gun before in his life.

As for the bad guy, I don't want just another psycho. I want to see or understand why this blonde guy is the bad guy. Vaas had an interesting story and he well, he was batsh*t insane, but Hoyt? That's why I want Ubisoft to go crazy with the blonde guy. Make him a memorable persona. Make him a person with white supremacist communist bisexual yet homophobe tendecies as strange that might sound. I want to hate him with all my guts and relish the moment when I plunge him with an ice pickaxe.

I want to understand the story and why the events happen. Make us experience what living in total terror looks and feels like. Don't give us the "revenge story turns into a save everyone" cliche, cause that's predictable and already done in the past. Either throw in plot twists or conspiracies to spice things up. Or go full on revenge meaning that Ajay's only mission is taking revenge for his mother's death. I don't want to do stuff for the resistance, help the people, deliver meds, nah f*ck that! Let me kill everything and everyone that's on the path to kill the blonde guy and if Ubisoft wants to surprise everyone, make me, Ajay, take the place of the bad guy once killing him. How does that sound?

Bigger World, Journey to The Summit

Far Cry 3 was big and I believe Far Cry 4 will be even bigger, although not by too much. I think that because although the game is coming to PS4, XOne and PC, it will also be available for PS3 and X360 and that sucks. So it won't be insanely bigger than the last game, but it may be way denser.

More outposts, more villages/towns to explore, more hidden temples to discover, more variation of unique scenery: lakes, rivers, mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, forests, giant crevasses.  More underground/water caves filled with all sorts of beauty and dangers, bigger forests to explore and bigger mountains to climb.

Speaking of mountains, make Everest fu*king epic! I want to climb to the summit and I want it to be memorable. I want it to be at least a half hour (or more) journey to reach the summit and if possible offer us more than one path to the top. Make it worth the while, make it engaging, sort of platform style with big jumps to execute, rope or ice climbing etc. with dangers like avalanches, ice cracking, crevasses, scary blizzards that limit the visibility, throw the worst at us.

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Or if Ajay is, as I said, a Sherpa, start the game with him climbing the mountain to set the anchors and ropes so the journey to the top is easier for the other climbers. Yep, I want to play that.

So climbing to the top should be fun, but what about coming down? Now as we have seen in Far Cry 3, they have already done the hang-gliding, wing-gliding and parachuting fun and it would be a no brainer to not have those back in Far Cry 4. But I want to see new ways that real people have used in real life, a possibility being snowboarding or skiing down the mountain. Just imagine snowboarding down while avoiding rocks, ice with a roaring avalanche behind you...*drool...

New Health & Survival System

Enough with the magical syringes that give full health back. I want something new, a totally reworked health system, something along the lines of the Fallout series have. You get shot in the arm, you drop your rifle/shotgun and pull out your pistol. You get shot in the gut or legs, you can't sprint or jump anymore. It's real and believable, well, not that believable but it's a way better system than the existing one.

Also I want the implementation of a survival system ala DayZ. You will get hungry, you will get thirsty, you will get tired, you will get cold if you don't wear warm clothes, you will bleed if you're shot to many times. You drink river water or you eat something rotten, you run the risk of getting sick. You fall from a high place, your legs will get broken. Make it a true survival game. Everest is one of the harshest region in the world and running all the time and jumping several feet in the air at -30°C doesn't feel right. 

Now many of you might not like these systems on a Far Cry game and you may be totally right. That's why I want this to be the hardest difficulty possible. I mean, Far Cry 3 once you got the bow, a silenced AR and a couple of Tatau upgrades, the game was fu*king easy even on the hardest difficulty.

The Tatau system or whatever they are going to call it here should totally return.

Improved Hunting and Crafting Systems

Hunting and crafting in Far Cry 3 were intertwined as you couldn't have crafting without the hunting mechanic. Even though both of the systems were very interesting in Far Cry 3, you could also totally skip them since on normal difficulty the game was so easy that you didn't need any of the health, wallet or pouch upgrades.

That's why I want them to improve these systems. Make hunting more interesting. AC3 had an interesting mechanic where if you killed an animal with a gun, the pelt would be ruined and totally useless for crafting. I would really like to use traps to catch live animals or deadly traps. But also make the animals smarter. They should have strong senses and can smell you a mile away. The only way around this is by moving downwind. In other words, follow the direction of the gust. How to see the direction of the wind? By checking the grass or the trees or dust etc.

I also would want to see more animals out there in the wild, as in rhinos, pandas, snow leopards, dolphins etc.

As for the crafting, I would love to craft clothes using the animals fur, to keep warm (remember the survival system!) or I would love to craft makeshift shanks, knives or arrows using animal bones and other parts. Another cool feature would be to cook the meat you get from skinning an animal and eat it to decrease your hunger bar (remember the survival system!).

New Cooler Weapons and Ammo Types + Customization and Improved Stealth

Far Cry 3 had a big arsenal of weapons, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMG/HMG, rockets, a bow etc. I want everything to return in Far Cry 4 with more choices for every type, but I also want new and cooler weapons. An example of that is the harpoon gun which is included in the Limited Edition of the game. Maybe a blow pipe that shoots sleeping darts or berserk darts like in Assassin's Creed 3. Maybe a crossbow, throwing knives, an ice pickaxe Lara Croft style which can also be thrown as a tomahawk, a mini gun, makeshift grenades, airburst grenade thrower etc. Another cool addition might be some sort of a rope grappling hook which can be used in both traversing the world and in combat.

The weapon customization needs to return with more variety of scopes, accessories as in muzzle breaks or silencers that truly change the weapon, more camos and different choices of ammunition types: normal, tracers, phosphorus or magnesium coated incendiary rounds, explosive rounds, radioactive bullets and rockets, airburst rounds etc.

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One of the biggest annoyances I had with Far Cry 3 was the whole immediate mastery of the weapons. Jason was, lets say it, a douchebag with no military training whatsoever, but the moment he got a pistol or AR, he could pull of headshot from hundreds of meters away. I want that gone in the new Far Cry 4. I want a weapon learning system, meaning that the more you use one type of weapon, the more proficient you become with it. So at the start of the game your weapons will sway a lot making shooting enemies harder and later in the game way way less giving you a true sense of progression.

Stealth needs also to be improved. I want more options for stealth, I want to go on a prone position blending with the ground, I want to be able to hide under the snow or sand (if it's present in the game), behind trees or on top of them, inside shacks or huts, hang inside crevasses using the grappling hook etc. The addition of setting up traps like bear traps, rope traps or even more crazy ones like holes filled with wood spikes or falling wood spikes.

New Vehicles + Rideable Animals

More vehicles variety is more than appreciated. I want to see dirt bikes, snow mobiles, snow plowers and mine carts. But let's go even crazier with driveable tanks, APCs, more armored vehicles and helicopters. Now I doubt we will see the last few ones, but who knows...

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As for rideable animals, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will feature rideable elephants (imagine riding one inside an outpost while shooting rockets from its back....EPIC!), but why stop there? I also want rideable horses and camels if possible if the region has a desert biome.

Freaky Drug Induced Trips + Mysteries

If I don't get to go on a drug trip and hunt down a Yeti, I'm gonna be very pissed. More freaky sh*t. Maybe you'll find a secret Tibetan temple and inside it you might meet a "crazy" monk who will give you drugs so you could go into trips to, I don't know, explore yourself and find the truth, learn new skills or see the world as it really is.

There are a ton of mysteries around Everest and the Tibet region. The Yeti is one, let us find and skin him. Let us find and explore the mystical Shambhala. Let us experience the mystery of the Rainbow Body where the physical body of those who studied Buddhism very deeply will turn into a rainbow. Shed light on why and how both of Shangsung and Guge civilizations suddenly vanished like the Mayan civilization. Other mysteries like the one of the Red or "Blood" Snow and the mystery of the abilities of the Tibetan Shamans. Go even crazy, with frozen UFOs and aliens... I want it all!

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But apart from the "supernatural" stuff, I would like to find the remains of some of the climbers throughout the years and read their story, I believe it would be nice and I think a great way to honor them.

So that's about it. This is my wishlist for Far Cry 4. Do you like it, do you think the game would be better and do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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