Evaluation Of Technology’s Societal Impacts

• written by Krist Duro

Our productivity levels, our time management, and our ability to perform necessary tasks can all boil down to a simple, yet complex asset we rely heavily on each day. Technology is sweeping the globe, and making an impact on almost everyone's daily lives, and its large-scale quake can be felt all the way from the typical household, to large corporations and CEO’s. It comes in various types- ranging from smartphones and tablets, to gaming devices, programming equipment, and robotic devices. Its impact on our daily functions can be greatly affected without its presence.

In many ways, societies continue to progress towards more sophisticated systems and devices that can help make daily tasks more simplistic. We are constantly trying to improve our processes and develop resources that can help make our jobs more efficient. But, how many times do humans step back to weigh both the positive and negative consequences that come about from the introduction and development of newer devices and enhancements?

Societal Impacts

Social media is one of the biggest players that comes into mind when we think of technology’s societal impacts. With the development of communication apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, users connection to the outside world can seem endless. With the touch of a finger, or the swipe of a screen, device users can instantly connect with others around the world.

With this connection, comes the increased risk of danger. The need for constant and steady updates from regular social media users can seem addictive and can pose an extreme risk if the user is not cautious about where and when they are engaging in these behaviors. For instance, many users may feel as though a necessary and appropriate time to capture a Snapchat or selfie comes about while operating a vehicle. As we all know, this can lead to an extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal situation for the driver as well as many others on the roadway. After that, you would need to call auto services and an attorney.

Social media users can reap many positive impacts- such as having the ability to connect to others around the world. It also allows individuals the ability to learn and explore new things from different cultures and organizations who regularly share updates on their social platforms. The connectivity aspect can be a great benefit to the user, however the addiction and depression that comes about when over-using social media can lead to serious injury.


Technology has made the world much more accessible to data and information systems that we once had the inability to connect with. Google, the leading provider for information for many around the world, has allowed individuals the capability to quickly research a vast amount of information from sources across the world- ranging from “how to tie a tie” to “the least common side effects associated with tylenol use.” The amount of data and resources that can be found online allow the most common individual to have access to beneficial data that can help societies to learn and prosper into more informed individuals.

Furthermore, the accessibility to information online can present a challenge as well. For less tech savvy individuals, it may sometimes be difficult to decipher the truth posted online from sources that may present data that is incorrect. A perfect example of this is Wikipedia- where users can input any type of information they would like to. After the page has been edited, it may be difficult to decipher if the information is factual and the data is supported by credible sources. As you can imagine, this can pose a challenge for the common individual seeking information on specific topics. It can lead to a challenging, and sometimes costly situation when an individual has access to incorrect information.

Improving Tech

It's important to consider the aspects of technology that we are constantly striving to improve. We should stop to consider a few things. First, are the improvements really making a more positive impact on society, or are they making simplistic processes more challenging and confusing for common individuals? Secondly, does social media and everyday gadgets available to the public create too many distractions? Are they harming our well-being? Finally, are there things that tech companies can do to assist with the dangers that come about with the introduction of newer devices? What can you do to make an impact on this phenomenon?

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