Emotionally Engaged In The Eighth Season Of Disney Speedstorm

• written by Laura Amy Williams
Emotionally Engaged In The Eighth Season Of Disney Speedstorm

Would you believe that it has been over a year since the early access of Disney Speedstorm after the beta testing and that it will be available on iOS and Android this July?

The first season toughened up with the scare factor from the main cast of Monsters Inc.. As the experience of Disney’s answer to Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe progresses with more seasons, the question of which characters will be the next pack of competitors to be featured in the launch of the next season is often asked. Just before the release of “Ingeune”, the first mini-episode of Lackadaisy, Kermit the Frog was available to unlock and race as during a limited time event and I began to wonder who will be part of the highlight of the eighth season. Now, my question has been answered. Fasten your seat belt and start your engine because we are about to race through the main highlight of the eighth season of Disney Speedstorm after many artistic associations with this year’s MerMay and our own analyses of the teaser trailer for Moana 2!

An image showcasing the game described in this article.A Disney devotee can have a blast at any of the six Disneylands, be creative with their cosplaying at conventions or just stay at home to compete in Disney Speedstorm. But of course, not all princesses are wholesome Disney film material as Slay The Princess - The Pristine Cut could make you question your mortality this Autumn. Well, at least the latest Deadpool & Wolverine poster that parodies the live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is quite a surprisingly wholesome bromance. If you wish to remain psychologically sane before deciding to slay and spare the princess, feel free to express how you feel about racing in the eighth season of Disney Speedstorm while Fortnite fighters rock on against one another with Metallica in the fourth season of Fortnite Festival.

Previously, we got to know what racing in Sugar Rush, the sweets-themed racing game from Wreck-It-Ralph feels like. The competitive cast of the big highlight of the eighth season’s launch includes:

  • Joy, thrilled to be a racer
  • Sadness, still blue, but out of her circle
  • Anger, the one you might not want to crash into
  • Fear, staying cautious on the track
  • Disgust, quite sassy as she steers

It looks like the new emotion debuting in a direct sequel known as “Anxiety” is a new racer too. As teased in some short clips with certain emojis in their titles, the new racetrack is the mind of Riley Anderson who has been aged up to a teenager in Inside Out 2. If you ask me, the five emotions making an appearance in the new season of Disney Speedstorm is quite a convenient way to promote the brand new animated film from Pixar Animation Studios, quite like how the main cast of Frozen being the highlight of the fifth season was conveniently launch at the time the 10th anniversary of that film was celebrated. Of course, Disney is no stranger to promoting their movies in games as you may recall the Teen Beach Movie, Inside Out, Zootopia and Finding Dory parties in Club Penguin in the mid-2010s.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.Riley’s emotions sure look trendy in their racing suits. Surely, Anxiety and her other four new emotions will provide some new character development for her, but I have asked myself for quite some time, “Wouldn’t they cause a plot hole as many other human characters, most notably her parents also only have five emotions taking control of them as well in the first Inside Out film?”. Well, that seems to not be the case as her father’s Anxiety appears in the final trailer as a sign of consistency being taken into consideration.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.Riley’s mind remains as colourful and imaginatively designed as we remember it from the first Inside Out film. Lastly, several supporting characters from the animated masterpiece have become new crew members in racing suits, including Bing Bong, the Forgetters, Riley’s parents and Jangles the Clown. Speaking of suits, be sure to check out eight new suits for Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 later this week.

As promising as Inside Out 2 is with a new set of emotions associated with some new character development for Riley within some emotionally realistic depictions of experiencing new feelings during puberty that teenagers can relate to, I believe that the story ought to not try too hard to be like Turning Red for the sake of the uniqueness the first Inside Out film was praised for. Ultimately, my partner and I shall find out by ourselves and the same will apply to the overall outcome of Deadpool & Wolverine later this Summer. It seems like the highlight of the ninth season will be the return of Captain Jack Sparrow alongside the other members of the main cast of Pirates of the Caribbean later this Summer followed by the spooky stars of The Nightmare Before Christmas this Autumn. Outside of racing with the mainstream interpretations of your favourite Disney stars, Inside Out 2 awaits us right now and an adorable incarnation of Ariel will be starring in her own animated series aimed at the little ones on Disney Junior near the end of this month. And yes, be sure to sing along as a Disney devotee in honour of the 30th anniversary of Disney Broadway. Vroom vroom!

An image showcasing the game described in this article.There is also strong hope that Moana 2 will be a passable sequel. Surely, a sequel to Wish can give Star the ability to transform into what he could have been during the film’s development; a magical human-like lad and provide a lot of what could have made it more memorable, such as a villain’s redemption. But for now, let a race in the eighth season of Disney Speedstorm become a new memory either before or after you get a chance to see Riley experience anxiety, envy, ennui and embarrassment. Inside Out 2 could either honour what made Inside Out an emotional masterpiece or probably end up being too reliant on the aspects of adolescent angst from Turning Red.

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