Ecommerce Storage and Present-Day Robotics

• written by Krist Duro
Ecommerce Storage and Present-Day Robotics

Ecommerce is rapidly becoming the way of the future. Why? Well, because it’s more convenient for everyone. Traders no longer need to lease a place for a store or hire personnel, while customers don’t even need to leave their chairs in order to purchase an item. However, ecommerce has its own internal structure (you can continue to read here) that must not be neglected. Simply speaking, it relies two vital pillars. The first of them is e-store and the second one is warehouse management. Namely, all the items displayed on your website must exist in a store somewhere. Needless to say, modern warehouse management is completely revolutionized by present day robotics. For renting a new warehouse, view Fripp Warehousing that offers plenty of options that are under affordable rates and bigger in size and capacity too.

Let’s be completely honest, from this standpoint, automation is the only sensible path for the future of ecommerce. Today, there are 7.5 billion people in the world, and most of them already have access to the internet. This means that the present market base is much larger than it ever was in the history. Even with the most skilled and motivated workforce it is highly unlikely that this branch of work would advance much further. However, one of the most important reasons why we’re discussing this just now is because the prices of robotics are at their all-time low. We are not only speaking about the price of acquisition, but about the price of doing business as well.

Optimal Workforce

When we spoke about prices of running a full robot crew, some people probably wondered about frugality of this idea. After all, robots are expensive, while warehouse workers have a moderate payroll. Still, what most people loose from their minds is that robots don’t need things such as health insurance. They don’t take breaks or go on vacations. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about robot calling in sick when you need them the most. Additionally, you don’t need to live in fear that they’ll get injured at the workplace and start an expensive lawsuit. Most importantly, robots don’t require training.

Looking at the Top-Dogs

In any industry, the best way to learn is to find someone successful and copy their behavior. Speaking about robotics and warehouses, it’s impossible not to mention Amazon. As one of the biggest names in the game, it was pretty much expected that they would take helm of this revolution. What no-one could have predicted though is just how much difference this is going to make. At first, the world stood in shock when Amazon bought Kiva Systems, Inc. for stellar $775 million four years ago. Many analysts raised eyebrows in wonder how can this investment possibly pay off, but today, this is acknowledged as a wise business move.

More Efficient

Finally, we’re not just speaking about numbers. Humans make mistakes, machines don’t. When it comes to tasks that require zero creativity, machines are bound to dominate. When it comes to some mundane tasks like orienting in a well indexed warehouse or dealing with shelving, robots are simply better at it. For one leading a massive warehouse with myriad of items that need to be accessed at a second’s notice, there is nothing more important.

The final equation isn’t that hard to make. It all depends on the size of the warehouse and the volume of your business. If you don’t have much storage space, it would be unwise to purchase a robot helper since this kind of expensive machinery will never pay off. Its maintenance alone will require more resources than hiring few workers. On the other hand, the bigger your business grows, the more justifiable such a move becomes. It all depends on your ambitions and long term growth plans.

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