E3 2014: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Details

• written by Krist Duro
E3 2014: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Details

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is set to deliver a new era of Call of Duty when it arrives on store shelves worldwide on November 4. Developed by Sledgehammer Games for next gen consoles and PC, and published by Activision Publishing, Inc., Call of Duty Advanced Warfarebrings a new vision to the blockbuster franchise.


Penned by the team of storytellers at Sledgehammer Games and boasting true next generation visuals, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare jolts players forward in a groundbreaking experience that’s ripped-from-the-headlines-of-tomorrow, envisioning a future where both technology and tactics have evolved to create a new era of combat for the franchise.  Based on plausible tech and extensive research, the narrative begins in the year 2054. The Atlas Corporation, a private military corporation (PMC), has emerged with the power to rescue humanity after a global attack on its military and infrastructure.  Empowering players with new, cutting-edge exoskeleton abilities and an advanced arsenal with new weaponry, vehicles and high-tech gear, players can join the ranks of a highly-trained, specialized unit committed to restoring order.

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exoskeleton

  • The exoskeleton delivers a new Call of Duty experience. You are the advanced soldier.
  • The exoskeleton introduces new equipment, gameplay abilities and mechanics that fundamentally change how you play Call of Duty (boost, slam, dodge, grapple, cloak, etc.).
  • Players can use exoskeleton abilities across the story mode, multiplayer and co-op modes.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is being developed by Sledgehammer Games specifically for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A current gen version for Xbox 360 and PS3 is also in development.  This is the first game under the expanded three-year development structure, allowing Sledgehammer Games an added year of studio development.


With the expanded production capabilities, Sledgehammer Games is able to create an astonishing new, true next generation experience, featuring an array of technical advancements from the sights and sounds that create a world unlike any Call of Duty before, to new performance capture and facial animation technologies that deliver lifelike characters, to a rich and immersive story that brings the fiction to life.

Multiplayer details to be announced in the coming months

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is not yet rated.

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