Dino Run SE Review

• written by Krist Duro

Dino Run SE is an expanded and improved version of the classic Pixeljam game. Escape the wall of doom caused by the asteroid and find your dino sanctuary in this single / multiplayer retro-styled action platformer.

The concept is really simple: run from one to the other end of the level to escape from the wall of doom while avoiding different obstacles as other dinosaurs, asteroids, big boulders etc. If the wall catch up, you are literally toasted. Running and jumping is really fun and very addictive.

During each level you collect eggs and eat other smaller animals which are converted to DNA, which in this case works as the games currency. So at the end of the level you can upgrade the stats of your dino. You can boost his speed, jump and other stats.

Other than singleplayer, the game offers multiplayer where you and up to three of your friends can race in many different levels. Kind of a nice touch for a game like this. Other mode is speed-run, a sort of time trial that places on 24 different stages.

I really love the 8-bit graphics. PixelJam , for me, has crafted some of the best game using this art style. Dino Run SE is a bright, cute, fun game that offers lots to mess around with. You can unlock using bones, different colors for your dino as well as different silly hats for him to wear.

Dino Run SE is available for PC, Mac and Linux. For the price you pay, you get a nice addictive game that will keep you engaged for a while. Definitely check this game.


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