Destiny 2 Improvements Detailed

• written by Krist Duro

In the new blog post, the Destiny Dev Team gives us some more info about Destiny 2, how it is right now, and what will happen in the (near) future.

A short summary with bullet points:

  • Upcoming updates overview
  • December Update details
    • Masterworks - Legendary Weapons will drop as or be upgraded to become Masterworks versions
    • Armor Ornaments -  more visual customization without losing your Shaders or Mods
    • General Investments - Banshee has some updates on the Weapon and Armor Mod front
  • XP Mechanics
  • The future

It's definitely worth a read for any Destiny 2 fan and well, it looks promising so click here to get to the article. They are trying to change it for the better and I am very excited to see these changes in action.

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