Darkling Plain, The Newest Augmented Reality Board Game

• written by Krist Duro

We present to you the future of board games!

Capitalizing on this growing trend, Nocturnal Media and internationally known game designer, Stewart Wieck, announce the development of an augmented reality game prototype to be featured on Kickstarter.com, titled Darkling Plain, a fantasy board game that utilizes AR technology on smart devices such as iPhones to create stunning 3D graphics.

Employing the latest in AR, players move physical tokens that transform into fantastical warriors and creatures across a game board that becomes a gorgeous landscape. Highlighted on Kickstarter.com this month, Darkling Plain seeks to create an online community and generate production funds.

“Augmented reality demonstrates the potential to combine the best of both video games and board games,” says game co-designer Stewart Wieck. “Outstanding board games have clean, simple gameplay that leads to complex results and offer an irreplaceable social component, while video games have an undeniable visual appeal and invisibly perform complicated calculations. Darkling Plain combines these social and technological strengths.”

Experience and support Darkling Plain’s Kickstarter project by clicking here.

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