Create Engaging AR Experiences With Particular AR - Best AR Apps In 2020

• written by Krist Duro
Create Engaging AR Experiences With Particular AR - Best AR Apps In 2020

Today I want to introduce all of you to Particular AR, an iOS exclusive augmented reality app, I've been working on.

Particular AR is one of the first platforms that makes creating, sharing, and experiencing curated AR (augmented reality) content accessible and fun for everyone. When we set out to develop Particular AR we wanted to achieve a couple of things.

First we wanted to make AR accessible to everyone. Augmented Reality is amazing and in some cases, borderline mind blowing. But to create said mind blowing AR experiences, you need to start somewhere, right? And what we see nowadays is that designers are scared of AR as they see it as an entirely different beast. It kinda is, but as soon as you start to look more into it, you quickly understand that all that fear of the unknown is irrational.

That's why with Particular AR, you can frame your designs, posters and even photos in AR in a couple of seconds. Select the image you want to see and by magic it will appear framed beautifully and you can "hang" it on your wall. Yeah, we made it just that easy. This a perfect tool for designers who sell their prints online. You can use Particular AR to frame your designs and point your followers, fans, customers to "try before they buy" and engage with them in a whole another level. This is a big opportunity that we are offering and the designers who are using it are loving it.

The next thing we wanted to tackle, which also builds upon along the first one, is sharing of AR experiences. Designers who are using the AR Frame feature can just as easily share their designs on Particular AR so everyone can enjoy them in the comfort of their own home, but more on that later. So you are a designer who has created a 3D asset, model, experience whatever and you are bringing it to AR. How do you share it? Where do you share it? Well, you can upload to your website and point your followers there, but if they come from Instagram that simply won't work.

Here's where Particular AR comes in and saves the day. You can just simply upload and share your .reality or .usdz AR model, diorama, asset, voxel art etc. directly in the app so everyone can experience them with just one tap. Yes, it's that easy. Just one tap to experience amazing AR content from the comfort of your own room. And this is exactly the third thing we wanted to tackle with Particular AR, offer users the possibility to experience groundbreaking and mind-blowing curated AR content made from the top designers out there. You will find everything from mind-bending AR graphical illusions, exclusive high-quality face-filters to mind-blowing Star Wars and other pop culture AR experiences designed from me and our in-house team.

So this is Particular AR, a platform designed to make creating, sharing, and experiencing curated AR content easy and accessible to everyone.

Go ahead and download the app and start to experience some amazing and exclusive AR content.

You can follow us on Instagram here and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more amazing AR content. Thanks for reading!

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