Colonize The Moon? Now you can!

• written by Krist Duro

In Colonisation: Moonbase you will build and grow a colony on the lunar surface in this construction and management game for PC

Go where few have gone and do what no one has done before. Build your base on the lunar surface to support and grow a colony of humans. Feed them, keep them warm, give them oxygen and in return they will support you in your goal of creating advanced technology and mining the Moons resources for use back on Earth?

Can you make a successful base and become rich beyond your wildest dreams or will you find out the hard way that humans need more oxygen than you thought? Find out how well you can handle life on the next frontier with Colonisation: Moon Base!

Colonisation: Moonbase to be playable in long or short bursts. There is always something to do, such as building more structures, unlocking new buildings or growing your population, Alternatively you could sit back and let your resources build up! And if that is not enough you could always go fly around your colony and admire all your hard work.

The game also has an auto-save feature that will save your progress regularly, so if you want to stop after 10 minutes you can always come back and continue where you left off! The game also includes a tutorial to help you learn the basics, but everyone will understand it very quickly.

So if you ever thought of colonizing the Moon, this game is for you. Sure it doesn't have high end graphics that will blow you away, but what it has is a deep gameplay experience. It will keep you hooked on for a while. Currently the game has 5 days left on it's Kickstarter campaign with a goal of £6800 and needs about £2000 more to reach it. So if you like the idea and if you like what you saw in the video above, back it and you will receive the game and many other cool stuff. Maybe if enough people back it we will see updated graphics, more neat features and who knows, Colonisation: Titan as a sequel in the future? Click the button down below to be redirected to the Kickstarter page.

If you don't have money well, the dev seems like a cool dude, send him an email and he might, just might give you access to an alpha build, but remember you didn't heard it from me :)

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