Clever Home Tech Solutions

• written by Krist Duro
Clever Home Tech Solutions

Everyone is carrying a pocket touch-screen computer on their side at all times? Mundane as this is today, the modern world of smartphones couldn’t be imagined a mere 15 years ago. It is clear, thus, that the world of technology is constantly evolving. Our homes are no exception here – think about it, no-one could comprehend the possibilities of a microwave until this actually became a trend – nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a residence without one of these. Many other tech innovations have been made available that can make a homeowner’s life infinitely easier, so here are some smart home tech innovation examples.

Smart TV

To top everything off, here’s a device to make your entertainment life a whole lot easier – a smart TV can virtually be a replacement for any screen in your home, from your PC to consoles and can connect to the Internet, with access to a wide variety of apps.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘home’ is the comfort of it – this refuge is a place of safety and you are entitled to feel as nice as possible while you are there. However, a vast majority of houses and apartments aren’t perfectly comfortable throughout the year and, come winter, everyone feels a bit cold once they touch their bed sheets, at least for the first couple of minutes. Now the Outlast sheets come equipped with tiny heat-absorbing capsules which take in the heat while it’s warm and release it when you get cold. Originally developed by NASA for astronauts, this technology has been streamlined and now can be obtained at an affordable price of as little as $150. Never again be obligated to close the windows and breathe in stale air during the winter!

Wireless A/C

In the introduction, we have mentioned smartphones, a technological innovation that is a part of our everyday lives, but we haven’t mentioned the benefits of owning these. Although we won’t get into all the details of the new generation of phones, we will mention some benefits. For example, having a remote controller for your A/C device is great, but having it on your smartphone, and thus, at all times by your side (let’s not fool ourselves, we all literally sleep with these gadgets) is even more fantastic!

Remote Control Lights

The technology of remote-control lighting has been around for some time now and is already somewhat affordable. Yet another benefit of using smartphones is that you can by remote control lights and by simply downloading an app, you can control your home lighting from your very own phone! Forget about clapper lights –remote control lights are the way of the future!

Clever Home Tech SolutionsHome Theatre

The rich people of this world are no longer the only ones able to afford cinemas at their homes. Today, home theatres come at somewhat reasonable prices. For example, Universal Home Theatre has a lot of lucrative deals to offer. So, instead of laying on your couch, bound to your television set, take your family out to the movies, without ever going out of your own home.

Secure Windows

Although the technology has progressed a lot in the past couple of years, keeping your home safe is still your concern and you should take no less attention to it than your own parents did when you were a kid. Yes, these cost double the price of your regular windows, but the safety they provide is unmeasurable by finances. Keep in mind that these were primarily made to meet the hurricane standards – these are no match for your common burglar.

You’d be wrong to think that these smart home tech solutions are something to expect in the future – they are obtainable not only by those well-off, but by the Average Joe and Jane as well. Look into these and equip your house to meet the modern standards!

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