City of the Shroud: First Trailer Released with Community-Driven Story Demo

• written by Krist Duro
City of the Shroud: First Trailer Released with Community-Driven Story Demo

Real-time tactical brawler City of the Shroud's first trailer is now live, bringing a new gameplay and narrative experience to tactical RPGs worldwide. City of the Shroud is also releasing a community-driven story preview, available now exclusively for Kickstarter.

Get access to City of the Shroud's gameplay demo and Kickstater-exclusive community-driven story, launching Tuesday, February 2nd.

     Featured on Kotaku UK’s 51 British Games to Look Forward to in 2016  

Backers of the City of the Shroud Kickstarter get access to a 4-part mini-story that will play out over the course of our Kickstarter campaign (new episodes released every 7~10 days). Their choices in each episode over the month will drive the story in a live campaign written by chart-topping author Moira Katson. This will preview how the system will work in the final game, where the story will play out on a grander scale.

"Moving from novels to video games has been an incredible challenge, and I am so excited to bring this story to life. Abyssal Arts is a fantastic group of people, and I'm lucky to work with them." - Moira Katson

"Beyond the clever way that City of the Shroud has merged fighting game combat with a team battler, Shroud's use of combined player choices to drive the stylish story is particularly appealing." - "Indie Legend" Johnny Marshall, Creator of Mighty Tactical Shooter 

Combat in City of the Shroud uses a real-time tactical fighting system where you unleash special moves, build powerful combos, and outmaneuver your opponent in a format with incredible depth but that is easy enough to play with one hand.

The story is a new approach to video game narrative: a live, episodic campaign where every player's actions impact how the story unfolds for the entire community. Each episode is crafted based on the cumulative effects of every player's actions by our resident novelist Moira Katson, author of The Light & Shadow Trilogy as well as other stories and novels. Moira has topped the Amazon Fantasy download charts 3 times since making her debut only a couple of years ago.

City of the Shroud is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight from February 2 through March 1. Backers will gain access to all 4 Kickstarter-exclusive episodes, and can influence the evolution of the story by playing the latest episode. 

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     Publicly available preview build here:

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