Call of Duty played on...browsers?

• written by Krist Duro

Yes you read it correctly! How far are we from that? What is the limitation, if there is any, and why isn't there something like this our right now?

One Mr. Keith Clark may answer all of these questions as he has managed to create a level entirely using the power HTML and CSS have to offer and the result, if I may say, is quite astonishing! Here check for yourself! Amazing right? Of course we are far away from having a fully fledged Call of Duty experience since in the demo he created, you can only move and jump. But take a look at it, the lighting, the animation, the camera movement, the assets, 3D environments, collision detection etc.

When you think it is only based on HTML and CSS and not some multi-milion dollar engine, it is pretty mind-blowing. So what do you guys think, is this the future? Is this a step onto the right path? Let us know what you think in the comments below, oh I nearly forgot, Kudos to you Mr. Keith Clark!

If you want to stay updated please check his official website right here.

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