Behind the Scenes – Process of Setting Up a Payment Processor for a Merchant

• written by Krist Duro
Behind the Scenes – Process of Setting Up a Payment Processor for a Merchant


Merchants need a good service provider that will enable their business to thrive and evade problems. High-risk merchants have an even more challenging job as they have to take special care when preparing their business and payment processing services. These retailers need to open High-risk merchant accounts and get in touch with a company like Paystand, which will provide them all the necessary services for work. A merchant who doesn’t understand how the world of online trade works is a dealer who is destined to fail. Also, merchants need to be consistent with their wishes and desires because this is a business in which you’ll need all the help you can get. Here’s how it all works behind the scenes!

Payment Processing Approval: Behind the Scenes

Payment processor means something different than what most people think it means. Usually, people use it to describe a service that exists to process transactions. Which is true, however, the real meaning of the term payment processor is that it’s a service that payment gateways send transaction requests to.  You see, it’s almost the same, but there are slight differences. Nevertheless, all you need to know is that a payment processor is used to process payments, as the name implies.

The approval of payments can be a bit tricky because you will need to provide a lot of information if you want the payments to be processed. This can be made easier by a large margin by hiring a company to do the work for you. Our company will be able to provide certain payment processing services which should help speed up your work and business. It would also make it easier for you to get payment approval.

If you want to get approved, you will need to gather some information about you and your business. Financial statements are the best that you can offer that might guarantee you an approval. Be smart about this – we understand that financial statements are private information guarded by the company itself and it shouldn’t be used publicly, however, it’s a bad idea to withhold this information from payment gateways and payment processors. These services will require complete transparency if you want to have a smooth ride during the existence of your business because it will reassure them that they can trust you. Also, they will be able to see just how much risk is involved in your business.

Also, by having a nice and long list of previous transactions, you are increasing the chances of getting approved, so keep these by your side and provide them to payment processors.

Merchant Accounts: Behind the Scenes

You might be asking yourself why you need a merchant account. The answer is fairly simple: Your business (as any other) has the potential to lose money. Every time a processor processes credit cards on your behalf, there’s a potential for a loss of money. There’s a reason for this sort of thing. MasterCard and Visa have a certain policy that should apply to all credit card transactions. It says:

‘The cardholder is entitled to receive the promised good or service. If such good or service is not delivered, then the cardholder is entitled to get their money back’.

The reason you’ll need a merchant account is that credit card processors need to check your information so that they can be sure that no abuse will happen. You should be made aware that most processors require an application fee and those they usually don’t refund the money. Only a specific few will return you the money if your business fails.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that you can ask credit card processors if the application fee can be refunded. In the case that your business gets declined, but you already paid for a merchant account, you’ll experience a severe loss of money. Always check before paying for something; this request is not unusual, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you ask. If they don’t allow refunds in the case of you getting declined, you have the full right to search for another processor.

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