Battle Worlds: Kronos hits Kickstarter goal

• written by Krist Duro

New trailer provides a glimpse of excellence to come on Battle Worlds: Kronos!

The Kickstarter campaign for Battle Worlds: Kronos, a fresh resurgence of classic turn-based strategy from KING Art games, has now reached its $120,000 goal. With this figure reached in a stunningly short time, 32 days still remain to reach the campaign’s stretch goals, offering additional campaigns, achievements, factions and mobile compatibility.

KING Art has also released a teaser trailer, demonstrating clearly the prowess that has convinced backers across the world to donate more than $120,000 within a week of the game’s Kickstarter page going live.

“We’re all thrilled at how quickly our Kickstarter goal has been reached and certainly looking forward to creating the game that we always wanted to make, bringing it to the backers that have so generously contributed,” said Jan Theysen, Creative Director at KING Art. “The stretch goals that are now in place are borne of ideas from the community itself, which we have always wanted to involve in the creative process. Together we’re now able to make something incredible.”

Based in Bremen, Germany, KING Art produced Battle Worlds: Kronos some six years ago, beginning community testing immediately. However the world was not ready for the resurgence of turn-based strategy and publisher offers were constrictive, not allowing for KING Art’s true game to be made.

Having turned to other genres such as the point and click adventure for some years, KING Art has now returned to its project of passion, using new technology and implementing new graphics to build the game that always deserved to be built. Backers quickly thronged to the project, promising more than half of the minimum needed sum within two days of the project going live.

Set for release in the fourth quarter of 2013, Battle Worlds: Kronos will bring back the classic gameplay of the original turn-based strategy game, while bringing a revolutionary new experience for all comers.

For more details and to back the project, visit the Kickstarter page here.

Backers can now contribute to reaching the stretch-goals via PayPal, here.

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