Battle bad 'bots in Bad Bots, available now on Steam

• written by Krist Duro
Battle bad 'bots in Bad Bots, available now on Steam

Killer 'bots are on a collision course with Earth and only you can stop them!

Sharpen your axe, grab extra ammo packs and dash into the chaotic fray with Bad Bots now available on Steam for both Mac and PC.

For a limited time, Bad Bots will be available for $7.50, a 25% discount from its regular $9.99 price.

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Critics around the world are already getting into this retro run-and-gun romp. Here’s what they have to say about Bad Bots:

  •   “Bad Bots is a well put together and highly enjoyable retro styled indie title... They have successfully married the chaotic visual and combat elements of the side scroller shooter against proven modern control schemes to create a deeper experience.- Capsule Computers
  •  “Bad Bots offers simple but fun gameplay reminiscent of platformers from the ‘90s.- The Leet
  •  “This is definitely worth picking up for people into the retro scene.– Halfbeard’s HUD
  •  “Bad Bots lives up to everything it claims to be...  When you have a solid game like this, time flies while you’re killing bots and trying to save the world.– Gaming Shogun

Don’t just take their words for it. Experience the excitement as you hack and blast your way through an onslaught of truly bad ‘bots in this homage to classic video games.

We are still waiting from the devs to receive a Steam code. When we have one, a review will follow soon!

Explore 170 danger-filled rooms throughout the ship including the Evacuation Bay, Mechanical Shafts and Robot Workshops while the rich sci-fi story unfolds in the Campaign Mode.

  • Engage in combat against more than 2000 deranged robots comprised of several unique types, all programmed to kill you.
  • Face off against 7 deadly bosses, each with distinctive attacks including the fire spewing Flamebot, electrified Orbs, the lethal grip of the Spider and Jack Hammer’s brutal pistons
  • Defend yourself with 8 robot bustin' weapons including your trusty Axe, Rifle, Shotgun, explosive Grenade Launcher, Pulsar Gun and more.
  • Try to survive 60 seconds against an endless onslaught of especially persistent and cranky gun-toting, knife wielding robots in 3 unique rooms in Challenge Mode.
  • Earn 14 challenging Achievements including “Run Amok,” “Top Dog” and “Reaper’s Friend.”
  • Enjoy full Controller and Steam Big Picture support so you can partake in all the ‘bot slayin’ goodness from the comforts of your couch.

Bad Bots is available now for Mac and PC on Steam.

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