Asymmetric Spring Update Lets You Play An Easter Egg

• written by Krist Duro

This time, it is a spring update, which brings four new characters, four new stickers and a brand new spring theme! As always, this theme changes the look of the game if you play with one of the new characters, but also some old characters got the spring theme attached!

The pair Easter-Bunny and Easter-Egg is unlocked as soon as the game is updated, the rest can be bought using the in-game coins (and as always, these coins are only receivable by playing the game - there are no In-App Purchases).

Asymmetric is also on sale for just 99c (instead of 1.99), in celebration of this update. We reviewed it a while back, check it out. Take a look at the game, maybe you'll end up liking it.

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