"Archangel" Coming Soon for iOS and Android

• written by Krist Duro
"Archangel" Coming Soon for iOS and Android

Battle the minions of evil in Unity Games' and Black Tower’s tablet and mobile dungeon-crawler Archangel coming January 9th

Unity Games and Black Tower Studios are pleased to announce the fantasy-themed action title, "Archangel,” is coming to iOS and Android devices on January 9th. Featuring stunning console-quality visuals, and intuitive touch controls that have you casting brutal spells with your fingertips, Archangel conjures visceral combat action in the clash between good and evil. As the Archangel, you are tasked with dispensing divine justice via fire and force as you explore and battle your way through an immersive 3D isometric world of peril and darkness.


“Archangel is the first of a number of ‘core’ releases from our new publishing division, Unity Games,” said Oren Tversky, VP of Unity Games. “With a combination of high fidelity AAA-quality visuals and a streamlined combat system that really packs a punch, we’re excited to add Archangel to our portfolio this year."

A celestial being of certain conviction, driven by moral absolutes, you take control of the Archangel who has risen from the heavens as the forces of evil mobilize in defiance of heavenly rule. Through a unique gesture-based control system, draw symbols on-screen to rain punishment on your foes. Tap and hold to power up a devastating energy beam, or use other touch gestures to teleport, unleash lightning storms or even resurrect foes to battle alongside you.

Customize the Archangel’s armor and weapons to boost stats and at the end of each level wager hard-earned spoils for more treasure - or risk losing it all. With a unique difficulty level that adapts to player ability and experience, Archangel offers endless replayability to both novices and experienced players.

Developed by Black Tower Studios and published by Unity Games, Archangel will be available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play for Android on January 9, 2014.

For more information about Archangel, visit: http://www.unitygames.com/games/archangel/

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