‘The Academy’ DLC Available for Tropico 4

• written by Krist Duro
‘The Academy’ DLC Available for Tropico 4

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the availability of new DLC for Tropico 4 on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. ‘The Academy’ DLC features a new building, an additional mission and much more, all for you to put to use in training new troops as you and El Presidente prepare to quell an uprising on the island of Isla Guerra.

‘The Academy’ DLC for Tropico 4 is available to download now from Steam for £3.49/€3.99 and the Xbox Live Marketplace for £3.49/€4.79. For non-Steam users, the PC version of the DLC is available via the Kalypso launcher.


Due to a budget SNAFU (for which Penultimo is not responsible), the remote island of Isla Guerra is revolting against El Presidente’s regime. Tropico needs to recruit skilled cadets via the new East Point Academy and prepare for a large scale assault by an invading enemy army. The East Point Graduate trait enables El Presidente to prevail against enemies in combat and the Cadet’s uniform completes this military-centric package.


  • New building: East Point Academy (provides college and military education, cadets are skilled soldiers and generals)
  • New trait: East Point Graduate (enemies are always killed and not wounded by El Presidente in combat)
  • New outfit: East Point Cadet (female avatar)
  • New mission: Peace, Love and Understanding – Repel a large scale foreign invasion

Purchase via Steam here Purchase through the Xbox Live Marketplace here Purchase via Kalypso Launcher here

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