7 Smart Gadgets Every Home Must Have

• written by Krist Duro
7 Smart Gadgets Every Home Must Have

As we enter deeper and deeper into the world of technology, we tend to surround ourselves with it. Whether it’s new smartphones or smart kitchen appliances, the need for these devices and gadgets is growing every day. Before you realise it, you’ll have your entire home equipped with smart gadgets. When you come to that point, you should at least be wise and choose gadgets that are necessary and really “smart”. To help you with it, here’s a compiled list of the best smart home gadgets and appliances that every home must have. For plumbing and other home repairs, people can check out shower repairs melnbourne or look up plumbers near me in Five Forks, SC and get their services.

Nest cam


Surveillance has reached a new era. With new and portable Nest cam, you can fully equip your home and protect it from intruders and unwanted activities. The camera has a magnetic base and can be attached to any metal surface. It records in 1080 and has a two-way audio. It also has Night vision with image sharpening. Everything one home owner needs, for just $199.

Roost smart

roost smart

Every home needs a smoke detector. Electricity is unpredictable, and accidents can occur while you’re not at home or even worse – when you are sleeping. To be able to react to any potential accident, get the latest and smartest smoke detector. Roost smart battery is only $35 and absorbs the smoke around it. As soon as it does, it will alarm you or the police, whatever you choose. You can connect it to your smartphone and always know your home’s air quality.

Samsung family refrigerator

samsung fridge smart

This one is a bit off the budget, but if you can afford it, you should have it. It is a fridge with cameras, internet connection, display touch screen and many other features. While you are at the store shopping for groceries, simply talk to it via internet and receive pictures showing its content. You will know exactly what to buy and what you already have inside the fridge. You can also leave notes on its screen, put in diets and other memos, and track progress of your or other family member’s diet. It has innovation spelled all over it.

Aido the home robot


Fear no more, your personal robot is here. No, it’s not a terminator sent from the future, it’s a bit smaller… and with fewer guns. Namely, Aido the next generation robot is smart, entertaining and can do all kinds of things for or with you. Whether it’s helping you with home chores such as cleaning and vacuuming, or playing with your kids and helping them solve math problems, Aido will be there for you. It has software which can grow and evolve over time, but not to the point where it becomes an evil robot trying to take over the world. Enjoy your time spent with Aido for it will definitely be memorable and filled with fun and excitement. The ones that need water filter can check over here to get great services.

Washing machine with its own brain

smart washing mashine

Are you tired of staying up late just so you can turn the washing machine on when the electricity gets cheaper? Well stay up late no more, for the smart washing machine is here. Equipped with a timer and a sensor, it can detect low electricity and start washing. All you have to do is choose a mode and let it be. Some of the best and high quality washing machines are produced in the last 2 years, and have a “smart” tag. Choose your next washing machine carefully. Look up plumbing installation in Jupiter, FL or plumbers near me in Woodinville, WA to help you with the pipes needed for your washing machine. You may also visit sites like deansplumbing.net for additional guidance.



Your homes needs lights and you need to save money. The solution is a brand new type of light bulb equipped with LED lights. As soon as it wears off, simply replace the LED light module with a new one. It’s $9.90 and it lasts for a year. It’s echo friendly and cheap – sounds like a dream.

Ily the phone


The new type of phone is here. Created for grandparents and children in mind, this simple yet smart phone comes with a screen where you can click to answer the call and see who is calling you. You can chat or send voice and video messages or share pictures and drawings. Now you will be one click away from talking to your loved ones.

If you are still looking to equip your home with cool gadgets, these are the best of the best. They have the best quality per dollar, and offer great services in return. Keep in mind that you don’t want your house to become too smart. That is the reason why many gadget freaks across the world like India, Sri Lanka, etc, go on 3000store.lk to buy their gadgets.  As long as you can control it, go for it.

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